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September 26, 2019

"Monthly Gundam Ace November 2019 Issue" Released Today!

Don't miss "Hajime Katoki×G.F.F.M.C New Item Review"!

Monthly Gundam Ace November 2019

September 26, 2019(Thu)Release

Price:¥704(tax exc)

  • Magazine Commentary "THE ORIGIN"!

One day in July, the "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN" staff gathered in a conference room not for an audio commentary, but for a magazine commentary. While watching the animation and viewing real objects, from the beginning of the project to the TV version, they spoke mainly about the mecha aspect of "THE ORIGIN".


  • Hajime Katoki×G.F.F.M.C New Item Review

A new operation will start for "Gundam Wing" at G.F.F.M.C produced by Hajime Katoki. What is this new thing speculated be connected to the genealogy of "Wing Gundam Zero"? Latest information delivered this month!


  • New PC Game "Gundam Network Taisen" Announced

Are you up to the challenge? Will you stick to the commitment? Gundam Ace exclusive pre-release to noteworthy leaders!


  • Follow the Shining Gold Phoenix! "Mobile Suit Gundam NT"

Story: Harutoshi Fukui / Manga: Kozo Omori / Mechanic Design: Hajime Katoki / Original: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino

――Jona and Michele follow the Phenex... Clop class cruiser "Damascus" continues operations!! ――The resolve of Jona pursuing the "phoenix"! Volume 2, on sale now!


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