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June 5, 2018

Gundam Build Fighters - New Characters and Mechanics are added!


Game Master (GM)

The person responsible for supervising GBN's administration. Within the game, the Game Master's Diver look is that of a Gundiver from "SD Gundam Force."



A vice-captain of Force Avalon. Emilia is a calm and collected female Diver. Deeply loyal to the champion, her team captain, she also has excellent ability as a fighter.



Like Emilia, he is a vice-captain of Force Avalon. Karuna is a Diver with a cheerful personality. Emilia is always warning him not to get carried away, but he really doesn't care.


Gundam Love Phantom

A powerful Gunpla based on the Strike Freedom Gundam, and customized with the addition of a Strike-series backpack. With a huge beam scythe, and an expandable Striker Scythes built into its backpack, it has a strong focus on sickle-shaped armament.