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August 28, 2018

“Gundam Build Divers” DVD Vol. 2 Goes on Sale Today! Special Disc Jacket Art Included!

DVD Rentals Also Start Now!

“Gundam Build Divers” DVD Vol. 2, from BANDAI NAMCO Arts, goes on sale today, Tuesday, August 28.


This edition goes from the Diver who calls herself Ayame’s appearance in front of Riku’s unit on their way to Persia Area in Episode 5, “Holy Land of Persia”, to when Magee tells the Build Divers that there are things forces can do other than battle in Episode 8, “Festival!”


The disc jacket illustration is an exclusive creation by Character Designer Juri Toida and Chief Mech Animator Sakiko Uda.

DVD rentals start nationwide today as well.

Additionally, the “High-Grade Version” (¥30,000, tax excluded) and the “Standard Version” (¥25,000, tax excluded) of the Blu-ray BOX 1 both go on sale Wednesday, September 26.


The “High-Grade Version” is limited edition, sold only through the Gundam Fan Club, Premium BANDAI, and the BANDAI Visual Club. In addition to being loaded with bonus footage, audio commentary, and special liner notes, it comes with a limited-edition gunpla, the first entry in the special Carddass Collection Set. The “Standard Version” has its own special perk: a special illustrated leaflet by Chief Mech Animator Shinya Kusumegi.


Don’t miss out on these elegant special-edition items! For details, please follow this link.


“Gundam Build Divers” DVD Vol. 2

【Sale Date】Tuesday, August 28, 2018

【Item Number】BCBA-4917

【Price】¥5,800 (Tax excluded)

【Number of Episodes Included】4

【Specs】Color / 99 Minutes / Dolby Digital (Stereo) / Single-sided, dual-layer / 16:9 (anamorphic) / Vista size / Japanese subtitles included (ON/OFF functionality)

【Additional Details】Special disc jacket art


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