June 10, 2019

"Mami Ayukawa 35th Anniversary Tour ~Toki wo Koete~" Release! 17 Songs Including "Z・Toki wo Koete"!

East Osaka Live Tour 2nd round start!

Singer-songwriter Mami Ayukawa 35th debut anniverary best album "Mami Ayukawa 35th Anniversary Best ~Toki wo Koete~" will be released July 24, 2019 (Wed), and the CD jacket cover has been released.


The song list was selected according to fan requests, which totalled 3,000 votes. It includes Ayukawa debut song "Kaze no No Reply" is the theme song of "Heavy Metal L Gaim", "Z・Toki wo Koete" the theme song of "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", and "Yumeiro Chaser" the theme song of "Metal Armor Dragonar". In addition to the 15 best songs selected, which features many hit anisongs, there will also be new releases "Yumeiro no Tsubasa" and "for you", for a total of 17 songs in this large release.


Let's look forward to the release of this best album.


The live tour in parallel with the album release, "Mami Ayukawa 35th Anniversary Best ~Toki wo Koete~", the second round of official tickets is currently underway. The concerts will be held September 1, 2019 (Sun) at Music Club JANUS in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, and September 20, 2019 (Fri) at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE in Shibuya, Tokyo. Both concerts will have different bands and set lists, so let's go check out the many famous songs that this singer-songwriter has continued to sing. For details, please see the 35th anniversary special site



Best Album「Mami Ayukawa 35th Anniversary Best ~Toki wo Koete~」


【Release Date】

July 24, 2019(Wed)



¥3,000(tax exc)


【Item Code】



【Song List】

  1. Yumeiro no Tsubasa <New Song>
  2. Kaze no No Reply ("Heavy Metal L Gaim" Opening Theme)
  3. Kizutsuita Jealousy ("Heavy Metal L Gaim" Insert Song)
  4. Z・Toki wo Koete ("Mobile Suit Z Gundam" Opening Theme)
  5. Hoshizora no Believe ("Mobile Suit Z Gundam" Ending Theme)
  6. Candy・Game
  7. Cobolt Blue no Koibito
  8. Ai wa Romanesque (Helene Curtis "Natureine" CM Song)
  9. Jump Up
  10. Yuki no Carnival
  11. Yumeiro Chaser ("Metal Armor Dragonar" Opening Theme)
  12. Illusion wo Sagashite ("Metal Armor Dragonar" Ending Theme)
  13. High Noon・Body (Toyobo "'87 Swimsuit" CM Song)
  14. Kaze ga Kikoeru Asa
  15. Yumemirukoro wo Sugitemo (House "Soup Farm" CM Song)
  16. Kaze wo Oikakete ("Asahikasei Seni Group" CM Song)
  17. for you <New Song>


Live Tour「Mami Ayukawa 35th Anniversary Tour ~Toki wo Koete~」


【Osaka Performance】

September 1, 2019(Sun)

Shinsaibashi Music Club JANUS

OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30

All reserved seating ticket ¥6,500+1 Drink


【Tokyo Performance

September 20, 2019(Fri)


OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00

All reserved seating ticket ¥7,500+1 Drink


Official 2nd Round(E-Plus/First Come First Served)


June 8, 2019(Sat)12:00 ~ June 23, 2019(Sun)23:59



Mami Ayukawa Profile


Debuted in 1984 with the theme song "Kaze no No Reply" for the TV anime "Heavy Fighter L Gaim". She has released 20 albums over the years, including "Z・Toki wo Koete" theme song to the TV anime "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", and House foods CM song "Yumemirugoro wo Sugitemo". Her cool, bright, warm voice can be heard in approximately 200 works for CM songs such as "Kao Emal" and "Daiichi Sankyo". She performs often overseas in anisong performances. She appeared in "KING SUPER LIVE 2018" at the Tokyo Dome and thrilled the venue.