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T h e L o n e D r a g o n ' s F a n g -
X X X G - 0 1 S

From [NEW MOBILE REPORT GUNDAM WING Endless Waltsz The Glory of Losers], Shenlong Gundam EW equipped with the original weapon Liaoya is released in Master Grade Series.

● The original weapon Liaoya that appeared in [The Glory of Losers] faithfully reproduced by new moldings !
  Liaoya is reproduced by new moldings. The characteristic suit color is reproduced by color molding and parts division.
  Also, a wire is used to recreate the cable connecting Liaoya and Shenlong Shield for flexible movability.

  Body color is faithfully reproduced by color molding and parts division.

  Shenlong Shield
  A gimmick for storing the cable connecting it to Liaoya is included by additional new parts.

● Capable of reproducing powerful actions with cable parts !
  Cable parts are made with varnish tubes on the surface of the lead wire to reproduce a realistic texture.
  It can also move freely to recreate realistic action poses.

  Plus, the Liaoya-throwing scene can be reproduced using the included display stand.

● Newly designed water slide decals included !
  Water slide decals designed by Katoki Hajime included.

Weapons : Beam Trident / Shenlong Shield / Liaoya / Dragon Hang

Included parts : Display stand

1/100 scale assembly plastic model
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.
*Please note that in some cases bubbles may enter the clear parts during manufacturing process.

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SIZE : -
TARGET AGE : 15 and up.