Karma Chameleon ~Sneaky Chameleon~

“An all-girls Gunpla school?” BALL asked stopping his hands, which were working on making prototypes for a new main weapon that would replace the Polypod Ball’s 180mm Cannon, in astonishment. Sunlight shined brightly through the window of the Gunpla Atelier which was on the highest floor of GIMM’s house.

“Were you listening to me? It’s not an all-girls school.”

GIMM frantically returned from the bathroom, flinging off water from his washed hands. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t bother to use the hand dryer.

“It’s the Girls’ Gunpla Academy!”

Such a thing was said to exist in GBN according to GIMM, who heard about it from his housekeeper Ms. Tracy, who had appeared to refill the stock of toilet paper.

She added in a sad tone, “If only I had heard about such an academy when I was younger, I would have studied Gunpla making to join you in your Gunpla Battles in GBN.”

Although it’s called a girls’ academy, the institute was actually a Force that aimed to teach the secrets of Gunpla making to unexperienced female fans. But whatever it actually was, GIMM and BALL daydreamed that it must be a sweet lair of dangerous love.

Up until that day, the two had put the multi-purpose integrated concept weapon modular part GHL-TBA which they had received from Shimoda into GIMM’s personal injection molding machine and were trying to complete it to create original weapons for the Gundam Storm Bringer and Polypod Ball.

“What was that Qubeley’s problem though?” BALL disgustedly recalled the moment when the 180mm Cannon on his Polypod Ball was instantly destroyed without even time to attack.

“But,” GIMM started as he also thought back in the incident, and recalled the voice coming from the speaker of the Qubeley.

“Didn’t the Diver in that Gunpla sound like a girl?”

“Yeah, but her language was nasty. She was even worse than my sisters. I don’t even want to call her a girl.”

Hearing this, GIMM was reminded of when Viola would become hysterical. He agreed.

“Don’t you think we’ve been through a lot of surprising things since we logged on to GBN?”

“Totally.” BALL nodded.

“That Qubeley’s assault was one thing, but being trapped in GBN by some shady model molding mafia? And we thought that it was the end, but the Golden Poly-cap helped us get out.”

“First of all...” The two wondered in unison.

What on earth were the Golden Poly-caps? Both Yoshi and Shimoda said that they received them after they were surrounded by some mysterious light, but why? What was giving off that shining light? Was it the same light that told the two about the Golden Poly-caps in the very beginning? And who were the five remaining Legendary Gunpla builders?

But there was no time for thinking. Their minds were filled with thoughts about the Girls’ Gunpla Academy, a paradise that boys dream of. They believed that it was their destiny to witness the happy and fluffy accidents that must be happening there.

“But how are we going to sneak into this girls-only utopia?” GIMM asked in horror, who was about to lose all his hope after realizing their obvious obstacle.

“Do NOT give up, GIMM!” BALL placed his overly excited hand on GIMM’s slumped shoulder.

“Everything ends if we give up, but as long as we don’t, even if things seem impossible, there’s always a silver lining called possibility!”

“BALL!” GIMM exclaimed with joy.


“Good morning.”
“Good morning.”

It was as though birds were tweeting.

The Girls’ Gunpla Academy was a heavenly place where girls who were pure as a clear stream of water, bright as the sun blooming on a sunny day, and as supple and rich as fruit nourished in early spring, strolled around with their skirts fluttering like flower petals, while using their nippers, modeling knives, modeling compounds, airbrushes, and compressors. The splendid chirps heard in front of its main gate suddenly turned into shy whispers. The girl’s gazes of longing all concentrated on a single figure, the only male in the Academy, who headed toward the school building while enjoying the attention.

“Isn’t the principal marvelous…?”

“His cool, collected personality is simply mesmerizing...”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t regret giving him my purity...”

He could almost hear them mutter.

His name was Rock. He believed that he would never lose against any Diver and that there was no one else who loved Gunpla making more than he did.

One day, before he had assembled his Force, he was surrounded in a blinding light and heard a voice tell him, “Please spread the joy of Gunpla making to girls.”

He was then given a golden Poly-cap.

Back then, Rock was a man who kept to himself. He was scared to begin conversations with others and was frightened when people talked to him. However, from the moment he put his hands on the Golden Poly-cap, his heart gained the urge to obey the voice he had heard.

But how was he supposed to spread the joy of Gunpla making?

He tried lecturing on the side of the streets of GBN. He went from Force Nest to Force Nest like a door-to-door salesperson. But he failed miserably.

After suffering countless failures, he decided to make a final gamble.

He managed to gather a few girls despite his lack of social skills and made them his members ( “students”) of his own Force, the Girls’ Gunpla Academy. The Golden Poly-cap became a symbol of their educational institute.

At first, there were only a few students. But the rumor that there was a mysterious school that taught Gunpla making spread across Divers as the days went on and before he knew it, the Academy had gained enough popularity to become known to the people in the know. More and more people were amazed by Rock’s marvelous Gunpla techniques. This led to more fans, and this amazement turned into confidence, igniting a flame inside him. And despite his still being quiet, he learned to show himself off and enjoy his popularity among his female students.

And on that very day, a new pair of lambs were to come to him.

Rock began homeroom while standing at the podium in the only classroom and quietly looked over the sitting girls.
“We have new friends who will be joining us.”

The classroom burst into excitement and the students looked at each other with joy.

Rock faced the entrance to the classroom.

“Come in.”

He ordered toward the students behind the door.

“Yes, sir!”

The two voices overlapped.

All of the female students turned to the door.

Everyone watched as the door opened and the two entered the room.


“My name is BALLY!”

The classroom sprung into excitement seeing the beautiful and cute duo.

“We know absolutely nothing about Gunplas.”

“So, we would like your loving, caring, and intense guidance!”

“We’re thrilled to learn with all of you!” Their voices overlapped again.