You Spin Me Round ~She Spins Me Right Round~

“Begin gate marking reduction practice…now!”

A school day at the Girls’ Gunpla Academy begins with the crisp call from the person in charge of sandpaper duty that day.

“400 grit, 600 grit, 800 grit!”

“400 grit, 600 grit, 800 grit!”

Earnest voices echoed throughout the room while Principal Rock shouted his instructions.

“Don’t think of polishing the parts! Always think of polishing your soul!”

“Yes, sir!”

His Gunpla discipline was full of passion, burning like red-hot steel and sometimes as smooth as silk drifting across a river.

“Picture plucking off a peach from a tree when gripping your nippers. Don’t remove the parts with one cut. Apply two to three cuts.”

He would sometimes guide students with his own hands.

“Try not to remove the gate markings with force, but softly shave them off. There we go. See? The parts are as smooth as your beautiful skin. ”

“Thank you for your guidance, sir...”


“GIMMINA, BALLY, may I ask why you came to this academy?”

The students were enjoying their lunch beside a fountain in the courtyard surrounded by blooming flowers. They huddled around the newcomers with rounded eyes, their palm-sized confectionery box-like lunches on their laps and asked questions buzzing like honeybees with enthusiasm. GIMMINA and BALLY, each disguised under their beautiful and cute female Diver Looks, struggled to conceal their rapidly pounding hearts due to the sweet scent of the defenseless students who gazed at them in wonder.

“Well, because...”

They dared not say that they wanted to have an exciting party with the girls of the academy and tried to reply with a model answer along the lines of ‘we want to learn the true essence of Gunpla making,’ but were cut off.

“Of course we know why!” One of the honey bee-like students, the girl in charge of modeling compound of the day, interrupted.

“I’m sure you’re here for the principal, aren’t you?”

“...What?” GIMMINA and BALLY blurted out at the same time.

“That must be it. It’s inevitable that a rumor about how wonderful Principal Rock is would spread across GBN.”

The girl in charge of adhesive (styrene type) duty of the day said mischievously, “Admit it, you two have absolutely no interest in Gunplas, don’t you?”

“What? Well, um...”

“No, no, don’t worry. We all came to the academy because of our impure intentions to meet Principal Rock, just like you.”

It was true that they had impure intentions, but their goals were completely different, thought GIMMINA and BALLY, keeping their mouths shut.

“But, as we received the teachings of our principal, we fell deeply in love with Gunplas!”

The students began buzzing like honey bees again.

“Principal Rock is our magical prince!”

“I’m sure you two will learn to love him even more!”

“But no hogging.”

The students surrounding the two suddenly turned their eyes toward them as a warning.

“He is everyone’s principal.”

The principal’s room was on the top floor of the three-story school which was housed in a brick, western-style building. The well-tended courtyard was visible from its windows, and Rock could see the two new students surrounded by the others.

“Being too attractive does sometimes lead to inconveniences.”

Rock played with his long curled hair with his fingertips and whispered to himself.

He didn’t mind being hogged though.

It was true that his students praised him. But he was never able to settle down in a relationship because of the strict solidarity created by his students to keep him single which remained to this day. However...

“I don’t think I can keep my cool this time around... ”

Rock muttered, gazing at GIMMINA in the gazebo far below.


On their very first day, GIMMINA and BALLY experienced dreamy incidents.

Dreamy Incident No. 1:

One of the students confessed,
“My heart pounds so hard when I think of the principal that my breasts are growing!”

“Well, mine are bigger!”
A different student shot back.
After a number of back and forths, they came to a conclusion...

“We’ll have GIMMINA and BALLY check and see who is actually bigger!”


Unable to cope with the sudden situation, GIMMINA and BALLY’s minds exploded.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about! We’re all girls, aren’t we?”

“That’s…that’s right...”

“Well, if you insist...”

The two cupped their hands and extended their arms. 10 centimeters, 5 centimeters, 1 centimeter until impact…
When a voice came from afar,

“The principal’s practicing Gunpla Tennis at the tennis court!”

“Oh no! We have to go and see!”

“Of course we do! We must witness his beauty with our own eyes!”

Their chance had disappeared.

“...Oh, well.”

Dreamy Incident No. 2:

“I’m wearing pretty underwear so I can show it to the principal whenever I fall over!”

“Is that so? I’m sure mine is much more suited for being seen by the principal!”

“GIMMINA, BALLY, please check which one of us has the best underwear!”

The two jumped at their chance.

“Of course, we will! After all, we’re all girls aren’t we?”

“There’s nothing to hesitate over, right?”

Once again, a voice came from afar…
“The principal’s practicing Gunpla Judo at the dojo!”

And so on.


Behind the gymnasium, GIMMINA and BALLY were squatting with their legs sprawled out, giving not even the slightest attention to their skirts, whispering to each other.

“That principal guy’s a real pain.”

GIMMINA believed that he wasn’t able to party with the students because they were all focused on the principal.

“By the way, did you see that?”

BALLY pointed at the main entrance.

“The monument standing by the entrance was a Golden Poly-cap. Does that mean that the principal is also a Legendary Gunpla builder?”

“That doesn’t matter. I’ll do anything to get rid of anyone who gets in my way.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.”

GIMMINA had an evil grin. The plan would begin with GIMMINA asking Principal Rock to come to the roof after school so that they could be alone together. While doing so, BALLY would gather the students and lead them to the roof. GIMMINA would then scream at the perfect time and BALLY would go around and spread a lie that the principal assaulted GIMMINA.

“And so we frame him for harassment,” explained GIMMINA.

“I see,” nodded BALLY.

They decided to execute their plan on the same day after school.

GIMMINA lured Principal Rock to the roof. The sun was about to set. BALLY went to gather various students, from the person in charge of adhesive (super glue) duty of the day to the one in charge of precision tweezers, and brought them to the roof. Sensing the presence of the students, GIMMINA took a deep breath to let out a shout. But at that very moment...

“Thank you for calling me here, GIMMINA. There’s something I want to tell you.”

It was Rock who opened his mouth first. He looked straight at GIMMINA and went on.

“You’ve captured my heart, ever since I first saw you.”


“I really want you.”

It happened at the perfect timing.

“What do you think you’re doing, GIMMINA…?”

Hearing a voice in an ice-cold tone, GIMMINA and Rock both instantly turned their heads.

“Didn’t I tell you not to have the principal to yourself?”

Even BALLY didn’t know what to do as she stood there beside the silently enraged students.


“Why am I even making a Gunpla alone in a bathroom stall…?”

On the next day, GIMMINA wasn’t greeted by the cheerful sound of chitter chattering honey bees, but with cold stares that stung like countless invisible needles. GIMMINA, who was actually a young man who never hid his emotions, couldn’t take the sudden change of how the once-lighthearted students were treating her. All she could do was to lock himself in a bathroom stall and clutch the MG Geara Doga [Rezin Schnyder Use] kit which was an assignment Gunpla for one of the classes.

“But it was the principal who said he loved me. Why am I the one who gets the cold shoulder?”

But GIMMINA still had a single strand of hope left.

“It’s all up to you, BALLY. Please talk everyone out of this and free me from this cell!”

Just then, a class ended and students came into the bathroom. GIMMINA heard their conversation.

“GIMMINA has a pretty face, but her personality is utter garbage,” said the person in charge of airbrush duty of the day.

“I’m sure Principal Rock was forced to say that he ‘wanted her’. That must be it,” added the person in charge of paint thinner duty of the day.

“That’s right!” chirped BALLY.

GIMMINA clenched the shield parts of the Geara Doga in her hand.

“How dare that son of a...”

Rock was surrounded by a crowd of students in his office during his lunch break.

“What you’re saying, is true,” he stated as he looked around at the longing gazes aimed toward him.

“She did make me say that I wanted her. It was the strong love for Gunplas deep within her.”

“The strong love for Gunplas?”

The air in the room changed drastically.

Rock became confident that he could get out of this mess and broadened his voice.

“But she herself hasn’t noticed it. All I wanted to do was to make GIMMINA notice her true feelings for Gunplas which was hiding within her soul. So I had to take drastic measures, shock therapy in the form of an extracurricular confession of love.”

“So you fell for the strong love for Gunplas and not GIMMINA...”

“Exactly. And I was moved by the fact that she had such deep feelings for Gunplas. But if my decision in educational policies has seemed to cause a rift in your hearts, I sincerely apologize.”

“Oh, Principal Rock...”

Rock bowed his head while rejoicing in his mind. He was able to tie up loose ends. From now on he would never do anything out of the ordinary and be peacefully praised by everyone in this utopian academy.

Witnessing the praiseworthy speech of the principal beside the other students, BALLY instinctively noticed the man’s peculiarity. He thought that he would be able to free GIMMINA from the unjust abuse he was suffering by revealing the principal’s true intentions.

But was it worth it?

BALLY thought that she would eventually enjoy her happy school life as long as she kept her mouth shut and played along.

“No hard feelings. I’ll enjoy my exciting school life for you…” she thought, as her sympathy for GIMMINA crumbled away like sand due to her happy delusions.

The school day had ended and the presence of the students had finally disappeared.

“BALLY is not getting away with this,” hissed GIMMINA.

As she jumped out of the stall, she bumped right into the person in charge of masking tape duty of the day. She fell to the floor letting out a squeal.

“So there were still other students around!” GIMMINA realized her mistake as she took the student’s hand to help her up. She found that the expensive-looking wristwatch on the student’s arm was destroyed due to the shock of their impact.

“I’m so sorry! I’ll pay for it! How much is it? I’ll write a check right away!”

She instinctively sputtered before remembering that they were in GBN and that their avatars could be freely fixed. Then she noticed that the student was looking at her with sparkling eyes.

“A check...?”


“I may be wrong, but are you actually a super rich celebrity or something in real life?”

GIMMINA had let go of her, but she took GIMMINA’s hand again and grasped it hard.

The next morning, BALLY and GIMMINA arrived at the academy by themselves, keeping a distance from each other.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Passing through the refreshing barrage of good mornings, through the front gates and into the classroom, BALLY began a conversation with the person in charge of cordless rotary tool duty of the day,

“Is that good-for-nothing GIMMINA here today? Oh, of course not! Her seat’s in the bathroom stall!”

“... Are you dissing GIMMINA?”


To her surprise, BALLY saw GIMMINA shoot back a triumphant smirk from the middle of the popular students.


Nothing was permanent, even in the world of GBN.

“So now it’s my turn to make Gunplas alone...”

BALLY could almost feel the remaining warmth from the toilet seat used by GIMMINA the day before as she locked herself in with the MG THE GUNDAM BASE Exclusive Thunderbolt Psycho Zaku Clear Color Edition set in her hands. It was to be completed by the end of the day. However...

“Darn…” she muttered. “I forgot the instruction manual in the classroom. I thought I put it in the Gunpla’s box...”

It had definitely been stolen and hidden by one of the students.

But there was nothing to worry about. The instruction manual for the MG THE GUNDAM BASE Exclusive Thunderbolt~ was also in her head. She carefully assembled the kit while looking through her memory, as though assembling it would help fix the situation...

But it did. It played a large role in fixing the situation. After all, this was the Girls’ Gunpla Academy. Every single student, excluding GIMMINA, was awestruck by the level of completion of the Gunpla which BALLY had achieved.

“But I hid the instruction manual…!”

“The MG THE GUNDAM BASE Exclusive~ has too many parts and they’re clear so it’s really hard to read the parts numbers because it’s an exclusive kit...”

“Are you saying that you actually made it without the manual?”

It was BALLY’s turn to experience her fifteen minutes of fame.

By now, through GIMMINA’s wealth and BALLY’s talents acquired from her Air Gunplas, they had become popular with all of the students in the academy. The two joined hands again.

“If we beat that principal in a Gunpla battle...” GIMMINA exclaimed,

“We’ll be able to enjoy an even more exciting school life.” finished BALLY.

“Indeed, that would be really exciting.”

Rock had been keenly listening to the two.

“But I received the Golden Poly-cap along with a mission to lead the students of this beautiful academy.”

GIMMINA and BALLY grinned with enthusiasm as Rock appeared.

“Then we’re taking the academy with us, too.”

“Right on!”

The principal stood in front of the two, gathering the gazes of the suspenseful and thrilled students.

“Then I shall gracefully accept your challenge.”