A huge artificial living facility constructed in outer space. These are built with asteroids as their foundation.

Vanadis Institute

An organization researching the body-function augmentation technology known as "GUND." Though it was conducting research with the goal of assisting the human body in a space environment, it repurposes the GUND technology for military applications, in return for funding received from the mobile suit manufacturing company Ochs Earth.


An element discovered in mineral deposits distributed unevenly throughout the solar system. One of Permet's properties is that information is shared between individual pieces, and various technologies have been developed by mixing Permet with other materials or propellant for control purposes. Body-function augmentation technologies in which Permet is infused into the human body are considered a basis for advancement into space.


A body-function augmentation technology which uses Permet. "GUND Format" is a system which uses GUND technology for military applications, and a mobile suit equipped with it is called a "GUND-ARM."

Mobile Suit Development Council

An organization formed for the sake of mutual cooperation in mobile suit development. Its members include the CEOs of mobile suit manufacturing companies such as Jeturk, Peil, and Grassley. It regards the GUND Format's adverse effects on the human body as a dangerous threat.


An auditing organization under the umbrella of the Mobile Suit Development Council, whose purpose is to maintain order and ethics in the development of mobile suits. Delling Rembran serves as its supervising representative.

Dominicus Unit

Originally a special forces unit belonging to the Mobile Suit Development Council. As of A.S.122, it is now under the direct control of Cathedra.

Spacian and Earthian

The inhabitants of space are called "Spacians," and the inhabitants of Earth are called "Earthians." The economic disparity between these two camps has widened with the growth of space industry, producing division and strife between Spacians and Earthians.

Asticassia School of Technology

A higher-education facility run by the Benerit Group. It is made up of specialized piloting, mechanical, and management strategy departments. A recommendation from a company affiliated with the Benerit Group is a prerequisite for admission.


A personal combat between students conducted using mobile suits. The participants fight with something they each desire, such as money or honor, at stake. The winner is the first one to break the blade antenna of their opponent's mobile suit.

Dueling Committee

The student-run organization that manages the duels at the Asticassia School of Technology. The rule is that all duels must be carried out in the presence of the Dueling Committee.


A title given only to the most outstanding student among all the duel winners. The student who is the current Holder wears a white-based uniform and pilot suit as evidence.

Student Number

This consists of three elements identifying the student's year of admission, department, and personal number. Third-year students are designated as "K," second-year students as "L," and first-year students as "M." The piloting department is "P," the mechanical department is "M," and the management strategy department is "S." The personal number is determined by the hierarchy of the recommending companies. Suletta's student ID number "LP041" is made up of "L" for her admission year, "P" for the piloting department, and "041" for her personal number.

Enhanced Person

A human whose body has been reconstructed using bio- and nano-technology in order to pilot a GUND-ARM. They are chosen from among people with high resistance to GUND Format data storms, and to a certain extent they can tolerate and sustain high Permet score values.


A spherical base unit used by the Benerit Group for infrastructure tasks. It can be given a broad range of functions by exchanging various attachments, enabling it to provide many different kinds of services.


Peil Technologies' flight system to allow long range cruise for mobile suits.