April 06, 2018

The “Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet” Advanced Screening!

We’ll report on the lingering excitement immediately following the screening!


An advance screening for authorized officials of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet, which will begin screening at 35 theaters nationwide from May 5th (Sat), was held at a certain place in the metropolitan area.

“Rise of the Red Comet” is the 6th and final episode of the Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN anime series. Following episode 5, “Clash at Loum”, this episode depicts the Battle of Loum that marks the start of the One Year War, a war of independence declared by the Principality of Zeon against the Earth Federation.


The attention on the episode was extremely high, causing the event to become a huge success as it was crowded by many authorized officials and groups of reporters from all sides of the venue. Similar to previous events, our editorial department accessed the screening to cover the event. Let’s go into a report on the excitement-filled advance screening that had high expectations for the last episode with photos.


We also received comments from a portion of the officials in the venue lobby as it lingered with excitement following the screening. We will also include all their comments here. We hope that this raises your expectations even further for the screening come May 5th (Sat).


It’s profound to think that from here on out is the start of the One Year War.

(Bandai Namco Online M)

The ending was the best. It is a wonderful conclusion.

(Sotsu N)

Definitely please enjoy the impressive mobile suit battles we have thoroughly created.

(CG Production Assistant Keizo Oishi)

Though this may be the last episode, you’ll feel even more as if this is just the beginning when you finish watching it.

(CG Director Shinpei Nagashima)

I’ve used my all in both CG and the present. I’ll continue to evolve from here, so please take this opportunity to watch the episode in theaters.

(CG Producer Kiichiro Inoue)

I feel that I cannot be thankful enough for being allowed to participate in a series that I will take pride in my whole life. I hope that you pay attention to the everyday scenes.

(Production Assistant Daisaku Fukushima)

The five years we have used to produce this series was long, but short. Although there were truly many things that happened, please enjoy the final episode.

(Production Desk Kika Tsukamoto)

I think what is really fascinating is the rich acting in the expressions of the characters.

(Setting Production Sho Watanabe)

It has been a fast three years since screenings began in 2015.
Both the staff and attendees have matured, and the screenings were like festivals each time.
The screenings for this episode will be right in the middle of Golden Week. This series has become something that I can enjoy together with the audience, so I would be happy if you were to attend the screenings at your nearest theater.

(Osamu Taniguchi Producer)

Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet will be screening for a limited time of four weeks from May 5th (Sat) at 35 theaters nationwide. Definitely be sure to see with your own eyes the conclusion of the Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN anime project as it finally approaches its climax.


A revival screening where you can watch all episodes of THE ORIGIN that have released thus far at once will be held on April 7th (Sat) at Shinjuku Piccadilly in Tokyo and Midland Square Cinema in Aichi. It will also be held at MOVIX Kyoto on April 8th (Sun). Definitely be sure to take this opportunity to re-watch the series. For details, please read this article.