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January 28, 2019

Behind the Scenes of Anime Production! AnimeJapan 2019 "Anime Note ~ Mobile Suit Gundam NT Sound Creation ~" Exhibition!

Official event site announces goods information!


This March at Tokyo Big Sight, in AnimeJapan 2019's "Production Works Gallery" booth, there will be an "Anime Note ~Mobile Suit Gundam NT Sound Creation~" exhibit.


The Production Works Gallery explains the behind the scenes production of anime. This time the focus is on "sounds in anime", and using "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" as the theme, the "sound" which is required for animation production such as the music, sound effects, and voice recordings are covered through interviews with staff. Also, there is a booth where you can experience the role of sound while watching the video.


Let's go to the venue and enjoy the sound-filled world of "Gundam NT".


Also, at the AnimeJapan 2019 official site, in addition to original goods such as ticket holders and AJ"ROCK" parkas, stage information is also announced, so let's check it out.