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February 27, 2018

“METAL ROBOT Tamashii ˂Ka signature˃ Z Plus C1” on sale from July! Special webpage now open!

The first METAL ROBOT Tamashii with transform ability!

Bandai Collectors announced the date for the “METAL ROBOT Tamashii ˂Ka signature˃ Z Plus C1” release in July, while also creating a special page for it on “Tamashii Web”!


METAL ROBOT Tamashii ˂Ka signature˃ Z Plus C1


Price: 16,200 yen (taxes included)


Release: July 2018 (planned)



The item, besides being the first transformative mobile suit of the “METAL ROBOT Tamashii” kind, it has a low visibility coating and metal feeling to the armour, it can also transform into the Wave Rider!


The special web page clears up more details, such as the colouring and marking, or the transformation mechanism. Give it a look!




【The Special Page is here】