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March 24, 2018

Proportion×Movable! "METAL ROBOT Spirits Strike Freedom Gundam" released!

Proportions that are as close as possible to the scenes from the anime!

METAL ROBOT Spirits〈SIDE MS〉 Strike Freedom Gundam

Price: 14,040 yen(tax included)


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"METAL ROBOT Spirits〈SIDE MS〉Strike Freedom Gundam" from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" released March 24, 2018 (Saturday), and features proportions closer to the anime, and highly posable action.

Die-cast parts, which give weight and texture to many of the frame parts, are used, as well as joints that radiate golden colors. The exterior has many different paints applied, and you can see it not just in the coloring but the texture as well.

From the original embossed markings on the body, to the special Dragoon support units and the base pedestal, many different gimmicks and attachment parts give this a high play value.


【Set contents】

Main frame / left and right wrists 3 each / high energy beam rifle (left/right) / beam saber x2 / beam shield x2 / beam shield deployment arm x2 / dragoon attachment joint / dragoon launch joint parts x8 / dragoon attachment arm x8 / main frame joint / exclusive base / exclusive base arm / display support parts


The "Robot Figure Blog" has released a review of this item, so let's go check it out.


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