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November 26, 2018

Combine 5 Bodies! "Minipla Gundam Build Divers Great Shock Gundam" Released Today!

Can also be combined with minipla "Super Shock Gundam"!

The mecha and robot plastic model kit super sentai series candy toy "Minipla" and "Gundam Build Divers" have collaborated for the "Minipla Gundam Build Divers Great Shock Gundam" which released November 26, 2018 (Mon) nationwide to toy stores, home electronics, and online stores. Price is ¥480 each (tax exc).


"Minipla" is a candy toy brand developed in the 1980s by Bandai Candy division. While being a mini size convenient for play, its transformation and combination gimmicks, combined with sophisticated proportions, combine with its high degree of mobility and vivid coloring features.


Five different types of figures have appeared this time, including the "Shock Gundam Mk-II". They contain the SD series cute form and mechanical elements skillfully, and the wide range of movement allow for enjoyable posings. You can combine them with the "Minipla Gundam Build Divers Super Shock Gundam", and complete the "King Shock Gundam" as well.



Minipla Gundam Build Divers Great Shock Gundam

Price:¥480 each(tax exc)


  • Painted model 1 figure(5 types total)

1.Shock Gundam Mk-II

2.SG Gundam Astray Red Frame

3.SG Gundam Astray Blue Frame

4.SG Nu Gundam Second

5.SG Sazabi Second

  • Gum(Soda Flavor)1 piece

※Release date of product at storefronts may vary depending on the store