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February 28, 2019

High Quality 6 Metallic Colors Set! "Gundam Metallic Marker Set 2" Released Today!

The metallic and strengthened shine "Shine Silver" appears!

GSI Creos released the "Gundam Metallic Marker Set 2" on February 28, 2019 (Thu). Price is ¥1,620 (tax inc)


This item is used for painting plastic models and is the 2nd part of the "Gundam Marker" metallic set.


Using fine raw materials to create high quality metallic colors, this set of 6 new colors includes "Shine Silver" which increases the metallic feel and shine by improving the traditional silver color. Let's get it.



Gundam Metallic Marker Set 2

Price:¥1,620(tax inc)

Release Date:February 28, 2019(Thu)

★For painting / alcohol type


【Set Contents】

  • GM172 Metallic Black
  • GM173 Metallic Dark Blue
  • GM174 Metallic Yellow Green
  • GM175 Metallic Orange
  • GM176 Metallic Pink
  • GM177 Shine Silver

Also, GSI Creos, besides Gundam Markers, is releasing "Gundam Color" gunpla paints. For more details please visit


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