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March 5, 2019

"GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE Char Custom Zaku II" August 2019 Release!

"Gundam (40th Anniversary Ver.)" July 2019 Release!

BANDAI SPIRITS Collectors Division will release "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE MS-06S Char Custom Zaku II" on August 2019.


From "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN", the die cast and ABS made finished model "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE" for Char Aznable Custom Zaku II has appeared.


The Char Custom Zaku II will be the first time a finished painted die-cast of approximately 180mm size will be released, with modeling and paint design by Hajime Katoki, and will have markings.



Additionally, to commemorate the "Mobile Suit Gundam" 40th anniversary, "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE RX-78-02 GUNDAM (40th Anniversary Ver.) will be released in July 2019, so don't miss it either.


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Price:¥21,600(tax exc)

Release Date:August 2019


Main body / Replaceable left and right wrists / Zaku machine gun / Zaku machine gun magazine 2 types / MS bazooka A2 / Bazooka spare magazine x2 / MS Bazooka replacement parts / Bazooka latch parts left and right / Heat hawk (long) / Heat hawk (short) / Dedicated base

GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE RX-78-02 Gundam (40th Anniversary Ver.)

Price:¥19,980(tax exc)

Release Date:July 2019


Commemorating the 40th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam", the Hajime Katoki produced "RX-78-02 Gundam" from the high brand "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE" appears.


In the original coloring specs that commemorate the 40th anniversary, it features new markings by Hajime Katoki. Additionally, when placed on the included movable base, you can display it as if it were suspended in air, and the packaging features original illustrations as well.



Main body / Beam rifle 2 types / Shield / Bazooka x2 / Core pod / Shoulder cannon / Replaceable left and right wrists 3 types / Beam saber x2 / Replaceable body parts / Exclusive base




▼"Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project' Official Site




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