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March 11, 2019

New Shokugan Series! Our Own "Little Battlefield" "Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars" Released Today!

Pilot figure and machine model appear as a set!

The new candy toy brand series "Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars" will be released today, March 11, 2019 (Mon) at toy stores, consumer electronics, and internet shops. 5 types in total, each is ¥500 (tax exc)

"Micro Wars" consists of a set approximately 32mm height of "movable pilot figure" and "machine model with open hatch gimmick" as a combined set in a new candy toy series. The pilot entry goes from "imaginary" to a drop-in "real gimmick", and you can enjoy gathering together your own little battlefield (Micro Wars).


The first series contains "Gundam", "Type 61 Tank & 3 Pilots", "Char Custom Zaku II", "Zaku II", and "Magella Attack & 3 Pilots" in the 5 type line-up.


Take advantage of the ever-increasing line-up to expand your own little battlefield (Micro Wars).

※Mobile suits come partly assembled.


Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars

Price:¥500(tax exc)

○One pre-painted model(5 types in all)

  1. Gundam
  2. Type 61 Tank & 3 Pilots
  3. Char Custom Zaku II
  4. Zaku II
  5. Magella Attack & 3 Pilots

○One page of decals

○One piece chewing gum