May 10, 2019

Create It With a Spin! "Gashapura Mobile Suit 01" Releases 5th Week of May 2019!

The palm-sized MS is approximately 75mm tall when complete!

The assembly kit which can be purchased from a capsule vending machine "Gashapura Mobile Suit 01" will be released the 5th week of May 2019. Four types in all, price is ¥400 each time (tax inc).


The "Gashapura Mobile Suit" is new item of the capsule toy expansion plastic assembly kit series "Gashapura". With a small parts count of approximately 27 pieces, even assembly kit beginners can easily enjoy the fun of assembling. The total height is approximately 75mm, and is a palm-sized MS when completed.


In the first series, the "Char Custom Zaku II", "Mass Production Type Zaku II", and "High Mobility Type Zaku II" all in the design of "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN", and a "Zaku Weapon Set" which contains a weapons set that can be enjoyed with the three mobile suits, are the total of four types of capsule toys.


They're not just for assembling and displaying, but you can also paint and realistically finish them, alter and create your own mobile suits filled with originality, and enjoy a wide range of play unique to these models, so let's go get them.



Gashapura Mobile Suit 01

Release Date:5th week of May 2019

Price:¥400 each time(tax inc)

Size:Total height approx. 75mm

Line-up:4 types in all(Char Custom Zaku II / Mass Production Type Zaku II / High Mobility Zaku II / Zaku Weapon Set)

Sales Venue:Capule vending machines at toy stores and mass retailers nationwide