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September 2, 2019

Earth Federation, Zeon, Char, and Hyaku-Shiki appear! "Friction Ball 3 Metal GS" Now Released!

New item from Sun-Star Stationery!

From Sun-Star Stationery, the three color ballpoint pen which erases when rubbed, "Friction Ball 3 Metal GS" (4 types in all) has been released at stationery stores nationwide. Price is ¥2,500 yen each (tax exc).


Four mobile suits representing the "Universal Century" stage upon which the Gundam series is set are in the line-up, and each body design is based on the color of each motif, with each group's logo and markings in the design. The body design has a metallic color, and with the metal parts on the cap and grip, it has a high-grade finish great for daily life and the business scene.


Friction Ball 3 Metal GS

Price:¥2,500 each(tax exc)

Styles:Earth Federation / Zeon / Char / Hyaku-Shiki(4 types in all)