December 18, 2019

"Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars" SP Edition, March 2020 Release!

Series premiere appearance of "Z'Gok"!

The shokugan series "Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars" SP edition will be released March 2020. Price is ¥500 (tax exc).


"Micro Wars" is a set consisting of an approximately 32mm height "movable pilot figure" and a "machine model with open hatch gimmick".


In the SP edition, there is "Gundam [Real Type Color]", "GM [Real Type Color]", "Zaku II Commander Type [Real Type Color]", and the series premiere of "Z'Gok", with 4 types in all in the lineup. Also, each mobile suit comes included with a pilot.




Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars SP

Price:¥500(tax exc)

※Mobile suit is partially assembled

  • Color model 1 type(4 types in all)
  1. Gundam [Real Type Color] & Federation Forces pilot
  2. GM [Real Type Color] & Federation Forces pilot
  3. Zaku II Commander Type [Real Type Color] & Zeon Forces pilot
  4. Z'Gok & Zeon Forces pilot
  • Decal 1 sheet (4 types in all)
  • Chewing gum 1 piece

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