January 17, 2020

"FW GUNDAM CONVERGE ♯19" Releases May 2020!

The "Phantom Gundam" long-awaited kit!

The precision details of the converge candy toy figure series "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE" 19th edition will be released May 2020. 6 types in total, price is ¥500 each (tax exc).


In this edition, from "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Ghost", the protagonist's "Phantom Gundam" appears in a long-awaited kit.


Also, in addition to the Zanscare Empire made phantom MS "Zan Spine" which appears in "SD Gundam G GENERATION-F", the "Victory Gundam" and "V-Dash Gundam" from "V Gundam", the "GM Sniper II" from "0080 War in the pocket", and the "Gundam Geminass 02" from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Dual Story G-UNIT" are in the lineup.




Price:¥500 each(tax exc)

Release Date:May 2020


【Set Contents】

  • Pre-painted model 1 piece(6 types in all)
  1. Phantom Gundam
  2. Victory Gundam
  3. V-Dash Gundam
  4. Zan Spine
  5. GM Sniper II
  6. Gundam Geminass 02
  • Gum(Soda Flavor)1 piece

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