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March 28, 2018

A Popular Release! The “HGBD GUNDAM AGE II MAGNUM” Kit Review

There are various possible poses! It can also transform into Phoenix Mode!

“HGBD 1/144 GUNDAM AGE II MAGNUM”, the Gunpla used by Kyoya Kujo and appears in the Gundam Build Divers Prologue, is now on sale ahead of its broadcast. The series will begin respectively on April 3rd (Tues) and will air every Tuesday at 5:55pm on the TV Tokyo 6 Station Network and on April 7th (Sat) every Saturday at 7:30pm on BS11.

In this article, we’ll give you a production review of this product. We definitely hope this review will be helpful for you purchase.


▲ The configuration of the runners is as pictured. An abundance of armaments such as a rifle weapon and beam saber as well as a display stand are included!



▲ As only minimum assembly is required, this much can be recreated with color coding! Don’t forget about the head and chest decals.



▲ The main body is complete after joining each part together!



▲ To the left is the F Funnel. To the right is the Hyper DODS Rifle Magnum and Shiguru Shield. Clear parts are being used!



▲ Equip each armament and your build of “GUNDAM AGE II MAGNUM” is complete!




▲ Dynamic poses are possible thanks to a wide range of mobility in each part! Try recreating various scenes from the series!




▲ You can recreate its transformation into Phoenix Mode with replacement parts!

This item is currently on sale with an anime announcement packaging that is only available with the first limited edition!

We felt that even a child could easily make this by themselves as it was easy to assemble each part. You, too, should try building a Gunpla with a fiery passion that won’t lose to Kyoya Kujo!

Mobile suits that will appear in Gundam Build Divers are scheduled to be continuously released from now on. Definitely be sure to check out the models together with the broadcast of the series!




Price: 1,944 yen (tax included)

The Gunpla used by Kyoya Kujo that appears in the Gundam Build Divers Prologue has been released ahead of its broadcast.

The model can transform into Phoenix Mode thanks to rearrangeable parts while its characteristic Shiguru Shield and F Funnel are removeable. An abundance of armaments such as its rifle and beam saber have also been recreated. Various poses from the series can easily be recreated with this model. An anime announcement packaging is also only available with the first limited edition of this model.

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