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December 27, 2018

Beam Shield with Hologram from PET Materials Included! "RE/100 GUN EZ" Released Today!

The "PG Gundam Exia LED Unit" too!

RE/100 1/100 GUN EZ

Price:¥3,780(tax inc)


From "Mobile Suit V Gundam", Gun EZ appears as an RE/100! Of course it comes with the shoulder part Beam Saber storage unit, the Beam Bazooka can be mounted on the rear armor! The shoulder-mounted dual missile launchers, in addition to having opened and closed hatches, it also comes with a Beam Shield with hologrammed PET material! The RE/100 series features an assembled structure that is simple and easy to put together.

PG 1/60 LED Unit for Gundam Exia

Price:¥15,120(tax inc)

The LED unit with which you can feel the particles spreading out from the GN Drive throughout the entire body has appeared! The changes in color of the GN particles in their accumulation and compression forms can be seen with the newly designed LED unit! The GN particles' shift colors from the "green" starting state, to the "green blue" activated state, and to the "red" critical state. By incorporating it into the separately sold "PG Gundam Exia", you can emulate the GN particles' accumulation and compression color shift!

※Action base sold separately.