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March 20, 2018

“A.O.Z Re-Boot” UPDATE! Commenting on the full armor form of the “Queenly”! An overwhelming boost of fighting power!

“Vs Giant God Weapon”, the highest class of fighting power for a moving weapon!


On March 20th (Tuesday), the Dengeki Hobby Web updated both the popular comic “A.O.Z Re-Boot Gundam Inlé - Black Rabbit had a dream” and the illustration project with Fujioka Kenji “Mobile Suit Z Gundam” official spinoff!

On this update, we can witness the overwhelming power of the “Queenly”, full armour version.

Check out Dengeki Hobby Web for Fujioka Kenji’s beautiful illustrations and interactive details!



▼Summary of all the illustrations on Dengeki Hobby Web “A.O.Z Re-Boot”


ARZ-124QN “Queenly” full armor form

“Queenly”, high-order full armour form. Called the “Vs Giant God Weapon”, the Queenly can oppose even large mobile suits, besides having a weapon container throughout the airframe, it’s prepared to all instances of war thanks to its gigantic equipment! As a mobile weapon, the Queenly boasts all its high-class power, as it was given the “inlé” strategic weapon, called “Full armour Queenly”.