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August 1, 2018

We’re Presenting Over 300 Fan Messages at “Anime Expo 2018”!

Thanks for all of the lively messages!

We presented our collected messages at Anime Expo 2018!


In July, at Anime Expo 2018(AX2018), the largest anime and manga festival in North America, Gundam.Info’s editors installed a message box at the Gundam booth to hear what overseas fans had to say. Let’s take a look at some of the messages we got!


At the same time, we received the results of the BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Department survey they ran, so let’s introduce those as well.


Let’s Look at a Few of Our Messages!

When we asked for messages this time, we unexpectedly received over 300 messages!

Above all else, we received a high number of messages that read “I love Gundam Wing”. Because Gundam Wing was the very first Gundam series to air in America, starting in 2000, it was probably the first Gundam series many people have seen, which could explain its popularity.


“No matter which Gundam series, the designs are always cool, and Haro is super cute!”

“The story is excellent. Everything about Gundam is excellent.”

“Because Gundam Wing was the first anime I had ever seen in my life, it holds a special place in my heart.”

“I love the theme, the plot, the mechs, and Haro.”

“I love the HG and RG Gunpla sets for Iron-Blooded Orphans. Also, I want to see Haro more.”

“Gundam has cool robot designs and an amazing story; the characters are awesome too.”

“I love Beargguy.”

“Please make a Beargguy standalone anime. I also want more Beagguy figurines. Wouldn’t it be cute if there was a star Beargguy? You should also make a Haro Beargguy.”

“Thanks to Gundam and Gunpla, my passion for mechs and building figurines has been reignited.”

“Thanks for the amazing universe. Long live Gundam!”

“My grandparents sent me and my brothers some Gunpla. At that time, I had no idea what they were, but since Gundam Wing started airing, I quickly fell in love with Gundam.”

“The very first series that I got into was Gundam SEED. After SEED, I could never forget about Gundam, and I still enjoy it to this day. Thanks for all your hard work.”

“Gundam is the thing that bonds me and my brothers together.”

“I saw Gundam Wing on TV and became a fan. After that, I desperately searched for the other series. I also read the manga. Thank you for creating the world of Gundam.”

“I love that building Gunpla is what brought my friends closer together.”



We’ve Received Part of the BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Department Survey!

A survey was given to attendees who made their way over to the Gundam booth!

The results show that the majority of Gundam fans are men in their 20s and 30s.

Beyond that, starting with “THE ORIGIN” and “Build Divers”, various shows will be broadcast in America at roughly the same time as Japan. From here on out, through Gundam, we achieve cross-cultural communication.

What is your gender?

・Male: 91%

・Female: 9%


What is your age?

What was the first Gundam series you watched?

· Gundam Wing: 37%

· Mobile Suit Gundam: 17%

· G Gundam: 12%

· Gundam 00: 8%

· Gundam Unicorn: 5%

· Gundam X: 5%

· Zeta Gundam: 3%

· Other: 3%

· Victory Gundam: 2%

· Iron-Blooded Orphans: 2%

· Build Fighters Series: 2%

· SD Gundam: 2%

· Gundam SEED Series: 1%

· I’ve heard of Gundam, but never seen it: 1%





Additionally, next year’s (2019) Anime Expo is scheduled to take place from Thursday, July 4th to Sunday, July 7th. If you live nearby, go check it out!




Thanks for all of your messages!

Anime Expo 2018

[Schedule] Thursday, July 5th ~ Sunday, July 8th (2018)

[Venue] Los Angeles Convention Center

[Official Site]