November 08, 2018

"TOKYO Gundam Project 2018" Every Weekend English Volunteer Guide from November 10 through 25, 2018!

High school student will introduce you to Gundam and the local Rinkai coastal area!

The "TOKYO Gundam Project 2018", which aims to revitalize the coastal area and utilize the global human resources in Tokyo, is implementing the "English Volunteer Guide Program" to introduce foreign tourists to the Gundam statue and the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam", as wel as tourist information regarding the local Rinkai area.


The objective of this program is to increase the motivation to learn for young people and create the opportunity for international cultural exchange. On November 3, 2018 (Sat), at the autumn-created English learning facility "TOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAY (TGG)". Tokyo high school students experienced an english language learning program. Based on that experience, now they will guide people using the original English map.


The period will be every weekend from November 10, 2018 (Sat) to 25 (Sun), including the "Labor Thanksgiving Day" on the 23rd. The six volunteer staff will be wearing specially marked jumpers, so those who know foreigners around this time period who are visiting the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue please let them know.


The special photo deck is up until November 25, 2018 (Sun) at the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue, and the winter season limited illumination starts November 23, 2018 (Fri). Also starting November 10, 2018 (Sat) is a photo spot that lets you take pictures with a character from "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" in the Rikai area (mostly Odaiba, Aomi). Don't miss this either.


For details, visit the TOKYO Gundam Project 2018 Official Site



TOKYO Gundam Project 2018 "English Volunteer Guide Program"


  • November 10, 11, 2018 (Sat, Sun)
  • November 17, 18, 2018 (Sat, Sun)
  • November 23, 24, 25, 2018 (Fri, Sat, Sun) ※planned



Each day 13:00~16:00 ※planned



DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Festival Square near the Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue
(Aoyama 1-1-10, Koto, Tokyo)


▲English Learning Program In Process

▲Volunteer Staff Jumpers (6 types total)


TGG is provided for by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education and TOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAY Co., Ltd., and provides for an experience-based english learning facility. Tokyo is looking ahead to hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games and promoting globalization. To be part of that process, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, knowing that children and students should experience the fun and necessity of being able to use English, and to create chances to increase the motivation for learning English, opened the Tokyo Metropolitan English Village, TGG.