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May 15, 2019

"Gundam 40th Anniversary BEYOND Fair First Round Second Half" to Start at Gundam Cafe & Gundam Square from May 23, 2019!

Menu paper, coasters appear with a new look!

From May 23, 2019 (Thu) at each Gundam Official Cafe "Gundam Cafe" and "Gundam Square" in Osaka, the "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEYOND Fair Part 1 〜The Possibility of That Called Hope〜 Second Half" will be held.


The "BEYOND Fair" has fair limited food, drinks, and goods in the line-up. Also, the bonus present menu paper and coasters appear with a new look.


Also, continuing from the first half, there will be "Petite Glasses" which can be added to food and dessert orders, and original goods will also be sold, so don't miss this.




Crucible of Fate

Price:¥1,620(tax inc)


Please choose two of your favorite characters (side) from the below list:

・Amuro (Fried egg hamburg)

・Char (Korean sweet and spicy fried pork belly)

・Garma (Chicken thigh steak and beet salad)

・Banagher (Cabbage and corned beef garlic roast)

・Full Frontal (Spicy chicken)

・Angelo (Ribeye steak with blueberry sauce)

※Petite glass may not be taken home.

The End of White and Red <Sky>

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

・Corned beef peperoncino & caponata


Blossoming Flower in the Sky, Falling Flower

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

・Green curry & crab claw croquette

Golden Legacy

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

・Beef stew & summer vegetable jellied consommé


The Possibility of That Called Hope

Price:¥864(tax inc)

・Lemon and lychee-flavored shining chè

※Shining ice may not be taken home.

BEYOND~Going Beyond Time~

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

・Popcorn and vanilla ice cream salty parfait and ramune ice cream plate

That is the strength of miracles to go beyond all. That is the manifestation of the existence of pure souls that transcend time. And it is a message brought to you from beyond time and space. What do you hear?


BEYOND Drink with Stein

Price:¥1,620(tax inc)

Please select your favorite flavor

・Draft beer

・Blue curacao & ginger ale

※Supplies are limited and will end once gone

BEYOND Drink with Stein (Face Design)

Price:¥1,620(tax inc)

Please select your favorite flavor

・Draft beer

・Pink grapefruit & ginger ale

※Supplies are limited and will end once gone




BEYOND “RED”Pizza~U.C.0079~

Price:¥680(tax inc)

・Eggplant and tomato pizza

BEYOND “RED”Pizza~U.C.0096~

Price:¥680(tax inc)

・Chicken and spicy tomato sauce pizza


Rainbow Moebius

Price:¥680(tax inc)

・Peach jelly ramune soda float




<All Stores>Fair Drink

White Sky Horse and Red Shadow

Price:¥650(tax inc)

・Blue curacao & cranberry


Red Comet and White Horse

Price:¥650(tax inc)

・Vanilla cranberry & milk tea


Shining Void

Price:¥650(tax inc)

・Pineapple & lime mint


Lonely Flower

Price:¥650(tax inc)

・Lemon ginger & apple


Return to the Royal Star

Price:¥650(tax inc)

・Hibiscus & butterfly parfait


BEYOND Drink with Clear Bottle

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

・Banana yogurt & blue lychee

※Supplies are limited and will end once gone

BEYOND Drink with Clear Bottle(Face Design)

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

・Blue lychee calpis

※Supplies are limited and will end once gone



<All Stores>Petite Glass

By adding ¥432 to your fair food+fair drink order, you can receive "petite glass" as part of the set.


Petite Glass


  • Amuro & Banagher
  • Char & Full Frontal
  • Federation & Vist Foundation
  • Zeon & Neo Zeon
  • Gundam & Unicorn Gundam
  • Gundam & Unicorn Gundam(Face)

※You may not select which one you get

※Due to limited quantities sales will end once supplies are exhausted

When Fair Food is Ordered, Receive "Menu Paper" as Present!

For each fair food ordered, receive one menu paper as present!

※Supplies are limited, promotion will end when gone



Menu Paper 6 types in all


Menu Paper 3 types in all

When Fair Drink is Ordered, Receive "Coaster" as Present!

For each fair drink ordered, receive one coaster as present!

※You may not specify which one you want

※Supplies are limited, promotion will end once gone


<All Stores>

Coasters 11 types in all

<All Stores>Fair Goods

  • BEYOND Gundam & Unicorn Gundam Mug Cup
  • BEYOND Gundam & Unicorn Gundam (Face) Mug Cup

Price:¥1,296 each(tax inc)

BEYOND Acrylic Key Holder

Price:¥540 each(tax inc)


  • Gundam & Gundam UC
  • Reconguista in G & THE ORIGIN
  • Ζ Gundam & Gundam W
  • Gundam 00 & Iron-blooded Orphans


GUNDAM Café Akihabara

[Address] Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda, Hanaoka 1-1
[Access] 1 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station
2 minute walk from TSUKUBA EXPRESS Akihabara Station
3 minute walk from Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamoto-cho
[Hours] 10:00 ~ 22:30

GUNDAM Café Odaiba
[Location] 1-1-110 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo Diversity Tokyo Plaza 2F

[Access] Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station 3 min walk / Yurikamome Daiba station 5 min walk

[Hours] 10: 00 ~ 21: 00


GUNDAM Café Osaka Dotonbori
[Opening Day] March 20, 2019 (Wed)

[Location] Nanba Izumiya Building 2F・3F, 1-7-10 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

[Access] Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station, immediately after exiting Exit 14
[Hours] 10:00 ~ 22:30


[Address] Osaka, Suita, Senribanpakukoen 2-1 inside Lalaport EXPOCITY
[Access] 2 minute walk from Osaka Monorail Banpaku-kinenkoen Station
[Hours] 11:00 ~ 22:00