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May 15, 2019

Gundam Supports the Tokyo 2020 Games from Outer Space! Special Collaboration with the University of Tokyo & JAXA "G-SATELLITE To Space" Begins!

Messages of support aimed to Tokyo 2020 Games on earth!

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As the second project of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee's ONE TEAM PROJECT "Support of Tokyo 2020 from Space!", The University of Tokyo, JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Gundam has decided upon a special collaboration "G-SATELLITE to Space".


This collaboration follows the March 2018 first special collaboration project between JAXA and the manga "Space Brothers".


For "G-SATELLITE to Space", through the cooperation of Professor Nakasuka, Graduate School of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, University of Tokyo and outfitted by Gundam from "Mobile Suit Gundam" and Char Zaku from "Mobile Suit Gundam", the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE" is currently under development, and with the cooperation of JAXA, is scheduled to be released March ~ April 2020 from the ISS (International Space Station) into space.


Before and during the Tokyo 2020 Games, the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE" will orbit around the earth and send messages of support to earth.


For the Gundam and Char Zaku that are to be mounted on the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE", materials and paints are used which can withstand the extreme environment of space, and the eyes change to the 5 Olympic colors. Also, an electronic message board and camera which will photograph the environment will also be installed, so let's look forward to future information.


For details, please see the "G-SATELLITE to Space" special page



Regarding the Microsatellite "G-SATELLITE"

A small (10cmx10cmx30cm) satellite "G-SATELLITE" will be launched from the ISS. Gundam and Char Zaku will be deployed on the satellite, and when launched into space they will be stored in the cockpit. After "G-SATELLITE" reaches earth orbit, the cockpit opens to outer space. The Gundam and Char Zaku use materials and paint which survive the extreme space environment, and at the base there will be an electric bulletin board that displays messages, and the eyes will shine to the 5 Olympic colors. To film the event, there will be 7 cameras mounted on the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE".

※Based upon nominal operating conditions of a satellite already in earth orbit last year.

▲Microsatellite "G-SATELLITE" Image Diagram
※Under Development ⒸNakasuka Funase Lab

Future Schedule(Planned)

  • Fall 2019

・"G-SATELLITE" to be transferred to JAXA

  • December 2019

・Second press conference

・Further details of functionality of the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE", Gundam, and Char Zaku and their operations from space as part of the Tokyo 2020 Support Project will be announced.

  • March 2020

・Microsatellite "G-SATELLITE" will be loaded onto a supply ship and launched to ISS

  • March ~ April 2020

・Microsatellite "G-SATELLITE" launched from ISS

※Launch and release schedule may vary depending upon the ISS program operations


For more details please see"G-SATELLITE to Space"