June 13, 2019

JRA×Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project! "Mobile Ride Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF-" Start!

Original movie & "Haro Gacha Takarazuka Kinen" now released!

The Japan Racing Association (JR) has announced a special collaboration project with the 40th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam", Mobile Ride Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF- on June 13, 2019 (Thu).


This project shares the common dream of both the JRA and "Mobile Suit Gundam" series to "be loved from now into the future by a broad generation". The appeal of a brand new horse race unfolds through "Gundam JRA".


Also, as the first content, historical Gundam characters and famous scenes from the GI Race are in the crossover original movie "Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF-", and linked with the first grand prix 60th Takarazuka Kinen of the Reiwa era, "Haro Gacha Takarazuka Kinen 00" were also released.



"60th Takarazuka Kinen" and "Gundam 00" Collaboration "Haro Gacha Takarazuka Kinen 00"!


Made popular by the "Mobile Suit Arima Gundam" at the end of 2018, "Haro Gacha" powers up and appears as the "Haro Gacha Takarazuka Kinen 00".


This time, as a collaboration between the first grand prix race "60th Takarazuka Kinen" and "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", when Haro is tapped on, a randomly generated "Gundam 00 Character × Mobile Suit" appears as an original design "Gundam Horse Ticket".


Also, a "Haro Gacha Takarazuka Kinen 00 Gundam Horse Ticket Campaign" will be held in conjunction with the results of the 60th Takarazuka Kinen.


For those who possess a "Gundam Horse Ticket" in the same bracket win combination as the 60th Takarazuka Kinen and share it on Twitter with the designated hashtag, from a lottery of eligible entrants, one will be chosen to win the "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Memorial Frame Graphic Art signed by Toru Furuya", and 10 others will be chosen to win a "Gundam JRA Original QUO Card 10,000 Yen Card".


The entry period is from June 13, 2019 (Thu) 11:00 to June 23, 2109 (Sun) 15:00, so don't miss this chance.

※ For the "Haro Gacha Takarazuka Kinen 00", the issued "Gundam Horse Ticket" is calculated as a "bracket" formula.

"Gundam JRA Tokyo Horse Track Special Event" Held June 23, 2019!


At the Tokyo Horse Track on June 23, 2019 (Sun), the day of the "60th Takarazuka Kinen", campaigns to win the "Original Design QUO Card" and "greeting events" will be held.


The campaign to win the "Original Design QUO Card" is part of the attendance point campaign of "Today's Chance Prize Special Version", and from those who touch the point leader and receive the "Win" indication, up to 1,000 people will be selected to receive a "Gundam JRA Original Design QUO 500 Yen Card" as a present.


Also, for the greeting event, Gundam and Char Zaku will appear that day at 11:00 and 14:00, so don't miss it.


<Win Gundam JRA Original Design QUO Card by Lottery!>


Starts June 23, 2019(Sun) 

※While supplies last, ends when prizes are gone



"Gundam JRA Original Design QUO ¥500 Card" limited to 1,000 people


【Entry Method】

As a Today's Chance special version of the attendee point campaign, touch the point leader and be entered for a chance to win a present.



<Gundam and Char Zaku Appear!>

Greetings will be held at the following times.


June 23, 2019 (Sun) ①11:00~ ②14:00~



Fuji View Stand 1st Floor East Hall





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