October 03, 2019

Gundam Cafe & Gundam Square "Gundam 40th Anniversary BEYOND Fair Part 3 ~Forbidden Encounter~ First Half" Held October 10, 2019!

Menu renewed! New "Petit Plate" appears!

At all official Gundam cafes "Gundam Cafe" and "Gundam Square" in Osaka, starting October 10, 2019 (Thu), "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEYOND Fair Part 3 ~Forbidden Encounter~ First Half" will be held.


For "BEYOND Fair Part 3", fair-limited food and drinks with the motif of "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" and "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", goods developed for the fair, and a "petit plate" that comes with special food will newly appear.


Also, in addition to the menu paper and coasters that are bonus gifts, the "petit glass" that can be added to fair drinks or fair foods appear in the lineup with a new design, so don't miss them!



Fair Food


Forbidden Encounter

Price:¥1,650(tax inc)

・5 Color Small Steam Buns (Scallops・Truffle・Spicy Flax・Crab・Vegetables with cilantro)


Please select your favorite character (side) from below

・Kamille(Szechuan chicken)

・Haman(Chinese bun)

・Quattro(Mushroom and tomato soft-boiled egg sauce)

・Four(Four salad)

※Offerings will take time to prepare.

Guided by the Red Night

Price:¥1,650(tax inc)

・Fried shark fin rice / fried salted squid and broccoli / bang bang chicken / spring roll

※Petit plate target menu

Mask of Love and Hate

Price:¥1,100(tax inc)

・Hot and sour soup


Child of Dragon Challenges the Great Shadow

Price:¥1,100(tax inc)

・Steamed chicken and cilantro four

In the Corner of the Skyscraper

Price:¥1,100(tax inc)

・Shark fin soup and char siu pao

BEYOND〜Disarrayed Time〜

Price:¥1,100(tax inc)

・Apricot pear fruit punch & black sesame ice cream with twist

※Please enjoy as you wish with blue curacao soda

※Petit glass may not be taken home.

White Lily and Bewitching Flower

Price:¥880(tax inc)

・Dragon fruit and mango parfait



Fair Drink

All Cafes

※The tax rates for eating in and takeout varies. Please inform staff during checkout if takeout.

Within the Maelstrom of Battle

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Blue curacao black lemon jelly & kiwi

Unable to Hear the Harmony

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Muscat jelly & pineapple Calpis


Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Violet jelly & lychee oolong

Gold-colored Guidance

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Cassis strawberries & ginger ale

Bewitching Flower Person

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Tonic lemon crush

※Limited Time October 10, 2019 (Thu) ~ October 22, 2019(Tue)

Memory of the White Lily

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Lemon ginger & cranberry

※Limited Time October 23, 2019 (Wed) ~ November 1, 2019 (Fri)

Discord Between Ambition and IdealⅠ

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Margarita Calpis soda

※Limited Time November 2, 2019 (Sat) ~ November 10, 2019 (Sun)

Discord Between Ambition and IdealⅡ

Price:¥660(tax inc)

・Blue curacao & white grape soda

※Limited Time November 11, 2019 (Mon) ~ November 18, 2019 (Mon)

BEYOND Drink with Clear Bottle

All Cafes

BEYOND Drink with Clear Bottle

Price:¥1,320(tax inc)

・Tapioca manga oolong tea

BEYOND Drink with Clear Bottle(Face Design)

Price:¥1,320(tax inc)

・Tapioca chestnut milk tea

※While supplies last


BEYOND Drink with Stein


BEYOND Drink with Stein

Price:¥1,650(tax inc)

Please choose your favorite flavor

Draft beer or green apple & Calpis soda

BEYOND Drink with Stein(Face Design)

Price:¥1,650(tax inc)

Please choose your favorite flavor

Draft beer or blue curacao & margarita soda

※While supplies last


<Set>Petit glass & petit plate

Petit Glass(2 types in all)

You can get them by adding ¥440 to the price for fair food or fair drink.

・Ζ Gundam & Wing Gundam

・Z Gundam & Wing Gundam(Face)

※Please choose your favorite design

Petit Plate(9 types in all)

You can get them by adding ¥550 to "Guided by the Red Night" target food menu prices.

Choose your favorite work from the two below and you will receive a random one from within that series.

・ "W" … Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, Wufei

・ "Ζ" … Kamille, Quattro, Haman, Four

※The design cannot be specified or exchanged

※White supplies last



<Bonus>Menu Paper


Menu Paper(6 types in all)

One gift per eligible fair menu item!

※While supplies last


All Cafes

  • First Period

Kamille, Quattro, Four, Jerid, Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Zechs (10 types in all)


  • Limited Time

Haman (October 10, 2019 ~ October 22, 2019), Relena (October 23, 2019 ~ November 1, 2019), Scirocco (November 2, 2019 ~ November 10, 2019), Treize (November 11, 2019 ~ November 18, 2019) (4types in all)


One gift per fair drink!

※Design may not be selected

※While supplies last

Fair Goods

All Cafes

Face Mug(9 types in all)

Price:¥1,257 each(tax inc)

Types:Z Gundam / Hyaku Shiki / Qubeley / Wing Gundam / Gundam Deathscythe / Gundam Sandrock / Gundam Heavyarms / Shenlong Gundam / Tallgeese

BEYOND Z Gundam × Gundam Wing(Face)Mug Cup

BEYOND Z Gundam × Gundam Wing Mug Cup

Price:¥1,320 each(tax inc)

BEYOND Clear File 2 Piece Set Ζ Gundam & Gundam Wing

Price:¥770(tax inc)

Mobile Suit Z Gundam MODEL SHEET Acrylic Stand(6 types in all)

Price:¥990 each(tax inc)

Types:Kamille Bidan / Quattro Bajeena / Emma Sheen / Haman Karn / Four Murasame / Paptimus Scirocco

※Sold individually.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing MODEL SHEET Acrylic Stand(5 types in all)

Price:¥990 each(tax inc)

Types:Heero Yuy / Duo Maxwell / Trowa Barton / Quatre Rabera Winner / Chang Wufei

※Sold individually.

※For goods inventory status, please check directly with each cafe.



GUNDAM Café Akihabara

[Address] 1-1 Hanaoka, Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo

[Access] 1 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station

2 minute walk from TSUKUBA EXPRESS Akihabara Station

3 minute walk from Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamoto-cho

[Business Hours] 10:00am~10:30pm

GUNDAM Café Odaiba

[Location] 1-1-110 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo Diversity Tokyo Plaza 2F

[Access] Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station 3 min walk / Yurikamome Daiba station 5 min walk

[Business Hours] 10:00am~9:00pm


GUNDAM Café Dotonbori, Osaka
[Location] Nanba Izumiya Building 2F・3F, 1-7-10 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

[Access] Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station, immediately after exiting Exit 14

[Business Hours] 10:00am~10:30pm


[Address] 2-1 Senribanpakukoen inside Lalaport EXPOCITY, Suita, Osaka

[Access] 2 minute walk from Osaka Monorail Banpaku-kinenkoen Station

[Business Hours] 11:00am~10:00pm