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April 30, 2018

Highly detailed movable Gundam figures! “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 02”, on sale!

With a large scope of movement! And a big size of about 110mm!

Bandai Candy presents the second batch of “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame”, with highly detailed movable Gundam figures, that allow for detatchable armour! They’ll be available from April 30th (Monday) in toy stores, electronic retailers and online! The price is of 500 yen each (without taxes).



Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 02

Price: 500 yen each (without taxes)


The mobility of the “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame” is high, making it an item that can recreate many different poses. Its big size is of about 110mm, coming with the “armour set”, which includes a hanger part for the armour that can be used as separate display item, and a “frame set”, showing each mobile suit’s bust and weapons.

The second batch is composed of: Z Gundam, Dom and Gundam 06.


【Set informations】

· 1 Coloured model(6 in total)

・Z Gundam Armour set (armour part/not mobile hanger part)

・Z Gundam Frame set (bust/weapon set/movable frame)

・Dom Armour set (armour part/not mobile hanger part)

・Dom Frame set (bust/weapon set/movable frame)

・Gundam 06 Armour set (armour part/not mobile hanger part)

・Gundam 06 Z Gundam Frame set (bust/weapon set/movable frame)

· Gum (soda flavour) 1 box


【More info】

Also, in "BANDAI CANDY STAFF BLOG", this item "Z Gundam" and "DOM" are introduced, so let's check it out together.