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July 25, 2018

The “Hobby Japan September 2018 Issue” Now on Sale!

The second feature is “THE NEW STYLE OF SD GUNDAM”!

Hobby Japan September 2018

On sale July 25, 2018 (Wed)

Special Price: 1,000 yen (tax excluded)


A Publication On All Entries In Hobby Japan’s 1st Robot Plastic Model Competition!!


Thank you for waiting! This month’s opening feature is the announcement of results of the plastic model competition, the “Robot Character Tournament”!


All entries are published in this issue with a focus on each of the winning entries! There were a great variety of works along with contents in various motifs. This competition is packed with passionate and painstaking works different from those in the ORA-ZAKU CHAMPIONSHIP, so please be sure to enjoy all of them down to their every detail!





The new SD Gundam series, SD GUNDAM CROSS SILHOUETTE, has finally been released. This month, we’ll give you a publication composed of two parts. The first half will focus on kit reviews while the second half will focus on sharing remodeled samples made with the SD GUNDAM CROSS SILHOUETTE series as a base!



Modelers! This Is The Israeli MBT Merkava!

Following the “ROAD TO MERKAVA”, a feature on Israeli tanks in the September 2016 issue, comes the second installment of the Israeli tank feature.


Merkava, an Israeli main battle tank, is being released with a full set that includes Merkava Mk1 to 4 in the latest format with new kits released by TAKOM and MENG MODEL. These are manufacturers that are essential to the current AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) scene. This month, we’ll report on 100% of Merkava’s charms by condensing all of Merkava’s manufactured key points into a heap of How to articles, a kit exposition, and a commentary on how the kit compares to the actual Merkava!!



Fate/Grand Order Lancer / Medusa

Medusa, also known as Anna manifested as a Lancer, from Fate/Grand Order is being released as a figure!

She has an impressive scythe, a cloth that covers her entire body, but adorably peeks out from its gaps, and a hood pulled over her head that seem like they’re cat ears. Despite all this, her face has been faithfully recreated to say she’s “most likely to become the number one beauty in town” as it peeks out from the openings of her hood. Her thighs are finished in a way that makes one think it’s the skin of a goddess thanks to the Smooth Skin process.


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