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July 26, 2018

Gundam Ace November 2018 Issue On Sale Today!

Includes “NEW GUNPLA PROJECT FILE”, which reports on all UC-related Gunpla being released in the second half of 2018

Gundam Ace November 2018 Issue

On Sale July 26, 2018

Special Price: ¥700 (Tax Included)

  • “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam” Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Manga: Takayuki Kosai, Mechanical Design: Ippei Gyoubu
    Look out! What’s that…!? Catl has been reactivated after four periods!?

  • “UC” Prequel Episode 10! “Mobile Suit Gundam UCBande DessinéeEpisode: 0”
    Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Comic Adaptation: Kouzou Oumori, Original Character Design: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Mechanical Design: Hajime Katoki, Draft: Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino

    The battle intensifies! Jegan VS. Geara Doga

  • “Gundam Build Divers Break” Manga: Gensui Shiitake, Scenario: Ryouji Sekinishi, Character Design: Kazuhiro Hara, Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase & Kanetake Ebikawa
    Break Decal and Mass-Drivers, the official spinoff crossover with the main anime! We are ZA-∀Z(Zazzu)!

  • “Mobile Suit Gundam Ground Zero Rise From the Ashes”
    Manga: Umetarou Saitani, Cooperation: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Supervisor: Masahiko Tokushima
    A silhouette cuts through the thick fog…! Is that White Dingo!?

  • *Special Booklet* NEW GUNPLA PROJECT FILE
    Starting from November 2018, from “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam”, this magazine’s comic, a Gunpla of “Moon Gundam”, the main mobile suit, will go on sale. Additionally, in August, Sazabi will make a long-awaited debut in the RG series, and new developments in UC-related Gunpla will be revealed. We hope you will ride the wave of these new reveals, and get your hands on some new Gunplas!
    This booklet reports on new developments in UC-related Gunpla in the second half of 2018, such as “RE/100 Jagd Doga”, “MG Jegan”, as well as information on new products related to “Mobile Suit Gundam NT”.

  • “Gundam Build Fighters A/A-R” Series’ Completion Commemoration! Amazing interview with Takuya Satou!
    In our July issue, the official spinoff “Gundam Build Fighters A/A-R” will be coming to an end after a four and a half year run. To commemorate the release of the volume 5, the final volume, which will be released on the same day as this issue, we talked to the voice of Yuuki Tatsuya, Takuya Satou. Accompanied by Kiyoshi Konoya-Sensei, they had an intense discussion about a Yuuki Tatsuya statue!

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