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December 25, 2018

"Monthly Model Graphix February 2019 Issue" Released Today!

The featured gunpla is...!

Monthly Model Graphix

February 2019 Issue

December 25, 2018(Tue)Release

Price:¥743(tax exc)


【Feature】Easy Primer in Filtering

Recently there have been a flood of western techniques. Washing, dotting, color modulation, pin wash... besides those, is "filtering" using oils perhaps the hardest to understand? Both domestic and foreign manufacturers have released special paints, but the system and way of thinking are still hugely misinterpreted and that misunderstanding has spread.


"People who know, know, people who don't know, completely don't know" seems to be representative of the concept of paint called "filter", so let's address that. You should broaden your range of expressions. This article applies not just to AFV models but to all genres, so no one miss this.