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December 26, 2018

"Monthly Gundam Ace February 2019 Issue" Released Today!

Special "Narrative & Phenex Clear File" included!

Monthly Gundam Ace February 2019 Issue

December 26, 2018(Wed)Release
Special Price:¥700(tax inc)

  • First chapter of comic appears!「Mobile Suit Gundam NT」

Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Manga: Kozo Omori, Mechanical Design: Hajime Katoki, Original: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino

Theatrical movie is a big hit, one million dollars during evening screening in Hong Kong City, signs of a new conflict...

  • "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" Director Shunichi Yoshizawa Interview!

Before presenting an immense amount of information and speed, were you able to get a sense of the moment in the 90 minutes of the movie? Director Yoshizawa who made his debut with this movie, worked under the direction of Yoshiyuki Tomino for "Gundam Reconguista in G". As a continuation of Universal Century, and creating a new milestone in Universal Century, what kind of film has director Yoshizawa made? It was said many times that it is longing for a Tomino-style movie.

  • Mobile Suit MOON Gundam

Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Art: Takayuki Kosai, Mechanical Design: Ippei Gyobu

Seal the hole in the colony! The sacred Catl saves Moon Moon again!?

  • Gundam Build Divers Break

Manga: Shiitake Gensui, Scenario: Kansai Ryouji, Character Design: Harakazu Hiro, Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase, Kanetake Ebikawa
From the first chapter of "Gundam Build Divers"【BEFORE】and【AFTER】convergence, we finally enter the【AFTER】part!

  • Mobile Suit Z Gundam Define Char Aznable Red Divide

Manga: Hiroyuki Kitazume, Supervisor: Kenichi Matsuzaki, Mechanical Design: Kyoshi Takigawa, Original: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino

The purpose of accessing the Jamitov archives is!? Yazan approaches the lunar Sarah!!

  • Mobile Suit Gundam GROUND ZERO The Earth where the Colony Fell

Manga: Umetaro Saitani, Original: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino, Cooperation: Bandai Namco Entertainment, Supervision: Masahiko Tokushima

Carry on to the next battlefield! The passion of Gioconda in the withdrawal battle continues... The anticipated volume 2 comic is released February 26, 2019 (Tue)!


▼Big hit special! "Narrative & Phenex Clear File" which you can only obtain here!