September 13, 2019

722 Units from "Mobile Suit Gundam" through "Sangoku Soketsuden" are Recorded! "SD Gundam Ultimate Picture Book" Released Today!

A dream-like 370 pages with special commentary included!

The Kodansha pocket encyclopedia series "SD Gundam Ultimate Picture Book" was released September 13, 2019 (Fri) from Kodansha. Price is ¥2,200 (tax exc).


With 722 units gathered from all the SD Gundam series from "Mobile Suit Gundam" through "Sangoku Soketsuden" including special commentary, the "Ultimate Picture Book" appears as a large volume with 370 pages.


Covering all four chapters of "Normal World", "Musha Gundam World", "Knight Gundam World", and "Another Gundam World", in addition to various characters being recorded, the "Nostalgic Paper Reprint Corner" has selected sections from Comic BomBom and TV magazines that were published at those times. Also, various SD Gundam related items are introduced.


Let's go get this ultimate "SD Gundam Picture Book".


SD Gundam Ultimate Picture Book

Price:¥2,200(tax exc)


A6 / 370 pages




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