September 20, 2019

Limited Special Carddass Included! "SD Gundam Special Anthology" Released Today!

Includes complete comics and illustrations by fabulous creators!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of "SD Gundam", the stand-alone "SD Gundam Special Anthology" will be released September 20, 2019 (Fri) from Kodansha.


This book, which appears as an "SD Gundam × Monthly Young Magazine Collaboration Project", contains complete comics and illustrations by fabulous creators, and includes 8 incredibly beautiful full-color posters.


As for the included authors, in addition to Kouji Yokoi, the originator of SD Gundam, there are many people featured including Koichi Tokita who worked on "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY" and "Gundam EXA", Azusa Maxima who worked on "Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS", and Ganya Morimoto of SD Gundam Info.


In addition, the special supplement includes 7 types of special illustrations & prismatic type "Limited Special Carddass" that you can't get anywhere else if you miss getting this book.


Also, as for the Monthly Young Magazine No. 10 that has been released, besides the new Koichi Tokita manga "Golden Chapter", a magazine limited "Special Carddass" is included, so don't miss this either!



SD Gundam Special Anthology

Price:¥2,000(tax exc)



【Authors List】(※Titles excluded)

Kouji Yokoi / Kouichi Yamato / Koichi Tokita / Ark Performance / Kami Imai / Sumito Oowara / Rin Okamoto / Ryuichi Sadamatsu / Yuuzou Takada / Hiroyuki Takei / Hidetaka Tenjin / Ryouji Minagawa / Azusa Maxima / Ganya Morimoto


【Content Listing(Partial)】

  • A story that connects the side story and sengokuden & a side story for the book (Koichi Tokita)
  • All-star illustrations of characters from "Hyper Senshi Gundam Boy" (Kouichi Yamato)
  • SD Gundam Character large illustration set (Kouji Yokoi)



▼ Book Limited Special Carddass