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November 25, 2019

"The 22nd Ora-Zaku Championship" Winning Works & Submitted Entries Fully Published! "Monthly Hobby Japan January 2020 Issue" Released Today!

G-Self made by keita too!

Monthly Hobby Japan January 2020 Issue

November 25, 2019(Mon)Release

Price:¥1,000(tax exc)



【Opening Feature】1388 Entries in All! 22nd Annual All Japan Ora-Zaku Championship Winners and All Entries Published!!


Thank you for waiting! It is now time for the announcement of the results of Japan's largest gunpla contest "All Japan Ora-Zaku Championship"! There are 1388 entries from countries such as Japan and China. This year there were many great entries willing to compete against the biggest names from Japan, many masterpieces were received, and the judges were pleased at the greatly satisfying tournament! Please enjoy the 22nd All Japan Ora-Zaku Championship in the 50th anniversary year of Hobby Japan's first issue!

【Pickup】Gundam G-Self(Atmospheric Pack Type)


"Reconguista in G" has returned after 5 years as a theatrical version. Hobby Japan, which has done various examples and produced original magazine mechas, wanted to do something again with this timing...! With this thinking, we have selected keita this time to produce the G-Self again.