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December 25, 2019

"Monthly Hobby Japan February 2020 Issue" Released Today!

Big push of "MG Gundam Barbatos"! Examples by Nozomu Nakai too!

Monthly Hobby Japan February 2020 Issue

December 25, 2019(Wed)Release

Price:¥1,200(tax exc)



【Opening Feature】New Airbrush Techniques 2019


That time has come once again this year!


For the annual "New Airbrush Techniques", we pierce the airbrush painting thought to be just theory, and thoroughly pursue the trending airbrush painting techniques.



<Special Supplement>MODEROID 1/35 Exoframe


From the full CG mecha action anime "Obsolete", the main mecha Exoframe is a plastic model with a completely new mold! Let's experience the appeal of the anime that will be released in December through plastic models!!


<GUNDAM>Tekkadan, again!


In this month's issue, there is a strong push of MG Gundam Barbatos. In addition to the kit review of the first through fourth forms by Nozomu Nakai, Mook presents the popular series "Gunpla Amazing Techniques" in a double feature.