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March 28, 2018

Illustration of New Suit From “After War Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box” 3/23 Release Bonus Comic Revealed!

Both the front and back cover of the bonus comic has also been revealed! As well as new information on “Gundam X 3”!

The illustration of “Gundam Nouvelle” was revealed today on March 13th (Tues). The suit will appear in a newly illustrated comic that is included as a bonus with the “After War Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box” scheduled to release on March 23rd (Fri) by Bandai Visual.

The front and back covers of the bonus comic as well as the set release of a “Gundam X 3” Gunpla, another suit that also appears in the bonus comic, were also revealed.


The Reveal of Carris’ New Gundam “Gundam Nouvelle”!

"Gundam Nouvelle” was revealed ahead of the release of the comic. The new suit will be Carris’ Gundam and will appear in the newly illustrated comic If I’m With You, which depicts the after story of Garrod and Tiffa, that is included with the “After War Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box”.

Mr. Koichi Tokita will be responsible for visual imaging while Mr. Junya Ishigaki will do the design for If I’m With You. Definitely be sure to read the bonus comic to see what role “Gundam Nouvelle” plays.



The Front & Back Covers of the Bonus Comic Illustrated by Mr. Koichi Tokita Revealed!

The new front and back covers were revealed. They were illustrated by Mr. Koichi Tokita, who is also responsible for the illustration of the new bonus comic If I’m With You.

This item features the same design composition as the illustration found on the box it will be included in. The front cover features a slightly older Garrod and Tiffa while the back-cover features “Gundam X 3” and “Gundam Nouvelle”.



The “Gundam X 3” Gunpla Project Currently in Progress!

It was decided that “Gundam X 3”, a suit that appears in the bonus comic and is color designed by Mr. Junya Ishigaki, will be released early as a Gunpla.

Details on the release date and more are scheduled to be revealed in the future, so please look forward to future updates.

Additionally, those that preorder and purchase the “After War Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box” at select stores will be presented with a “Deluxe Leaflet by Staff” at first-come-first-serve.

Please be sure not to miss out as this is an item that can only be acquired at these stores. For information on the select stores, please read the notice on Bandai Visual’s website.



The memorial box, the first Blu-ray release of After War Gundam X, will include all 39 episodes with vivid footage thanks to HD remastering alongside new audio commentaries as audio bonuses. Furthermore, it will be full of wonderful bonuses such as an artbook that includes all package jacket illustrations that were sold in the past, making this a product long-awaited by fans that condenses all of Gundam X into one box. It is priced at 52,000 yen (tax excluded).



After War Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box

[Release Date]

March 23, 2018 (Fri)

※Will be available for limited press for one year


52,000 yen (tax excluded)

[Stock Number]



Color / 995 minutes planned (933 minutes main video + 62 minutes bonus footage) / Linear PCM (Stereo & a portion in Monaural) / AVC / BD50Gx8 discs / 4:3<1080p High Definition> & bonus footage partly in 4:3<1080i High Definition>, 16:9<1080p High Definition>, and 16:9<1080i High Definition>

[Enclosed Bonuses]

· Newly illustrated comic If I’m With You


※ Editor: Shinji Takamatsu, Story: Hiroyuki Kawasaki, Manga: Koichi Tokita, a story on Garrod and Tiffa’s new journey “NEXT PROLOGUE”!

  • Video Jacket Artbook (36P)
  • Deluxe Booklet (66P)

    [Video Bonuses]
  • Credit-less OP & ED (OP5 Version, ED3 Version, and final episode ED)
  • Collection of plastic model commercials
  • Episode 1 announcement
  • Collection of previews
  • Collection of promotional spots
  • Collection of DVD Memorial Box commercials
  • DVD Memorial Box Booklet Archives

※ A re-compilation of the handbook included as a bonus in the 2005 “After War Gundam X DVD Memorial Box” (BCBA-2070) in a digital archive!

  • Blu-ray Memorial Box promotional videos and commercials
  • Collection of in-game footage

※A collection of footage of suits from Gundam X that appear in the SD Gundam G Generation and GUNDAM VERSUS game series will be included!

[Included Titles]








・Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON


[Audio Bonuses]

· New Audio Commentary

・Episode 3 “My Favorite Mount is Ferocious”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Toshiyuki Morikawa (Shagia) / Nozomu Sasaki (Olba)
・Episode 15 “I Wonder if There’s a Heaven”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Kazuya Nakai (Witz) / Takumi Yamazaki (Roybea)
・Episode 19 “It Feels Like I’m Dreaming”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Mika Kanai (Tiffa)
・Episode 37 “Frieden Takes Off”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Yumi Kakazu (Sara) / Kotono Mitsuishi (Toniya)
・Episode 38 “I am D.O.M.E., I Was Once Called a Newtype”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Mika Kanai (Tiffa) / Yutaro Mitsuoka (Narration, D.O.M.E.)
・Episode 39 “The Moon Will Always Be There”: Shinji Takamatsu (Director) / Hiroyuki Kawasaki (Series Composition)

· Audio Commentary Archives

The existing audio commentaries of episodes 1 and 39 from the 2005 “After War Gundam X DVD Memorial Box” (BCBA-2070) and episodes 2 and 31 from the 2010 broadcast of “Sunrise Station” have been compiled into this memorial.

The audio from the “Editorial Postscript”, which was broadcast during the same time as the commentaries on “Sunrise Station, will also be specially included!

・Episode 1 “Has The Moon Come Up?”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Mika Kanai (Tiffa) / Shinji Takamatsu (Director)
・Episode 2 “Power For You…”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Mika Kanai (Tiffa)
・Episode 31 “Fly, Garrod!”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Mika Kanai (Tiffa)
・Episode 39 “The Moon Will Always Be There”: Wataru Takagi (Garrod) / Mika Kanai (Tiffa) / Shinji Takamatsu (Director) / Hideyuki Tomioka (Sunrise Producer)


[Other Specifications]

A deluxe storage box by mecha designer Junya Ishigaki (new illustrated key frames), character designer Nobuyoshi Nishimura (※ archive key frames), and colored by Koichi Tokita


※ The illustration for the bonus storage box given when all VC & LD volumes of After War Gundam X were purchased (1997)

  • Inner jacket newly illustrated by Akira Takahashi (Studio Dub), Seiichi Nakatani, and Masanori Shino


※ Bonuses, specifications, etc. are subject to change without prior notice.