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March 23, 2018

HD remaster with the clearest images yet! "AFTER WAR GUNDAM X Blu-ray Memorial Boxset" releases today!

Additional extras including a new comic are included!


Bandai Visual has released the "AFTER WAR GUNDAM X Blu-ray Memorial Boxset" on March 23, 2018 (Friday). The price before tax is 52,000 yen.


This is the story of a new "Newtype" in the exciting "AFTER WAR GUNDAM X" series contained for the first-time ever on Blu-ray discs in a Memorial Box. This HD remaster has the clearest images, and contains all 39 episodes. It all comes with a collector's box, as well as newly illustrated inner jacket.


The extras include a new comic that contains the story of Garrod and Tifa, jacket art book containing the illustrations of all past cover images, a special booklet spanning 66 pages. Audio extras include new commentary tracks as well as previous audio commentary archives.


In addition, for the video extras, the 144-page commentary from DVD Memorial Boxset (BCBA-2070) has been put into the digital archive, and all the "Gundam X" movie scenes from the videogames "SD Gundam G Generation" and "Gundam Versus" are included as well.


All these highly anticipated videos and extras of "Gundam X" are collected and contained in one box set, so let's get it today.


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AFTER WAR GUNDAM X Blu-ray Memorial Boxset

【Release Date】

March 23, 2018 (Friday)

※1 year limited release edition



52,000 Yen(excluding tax)


【Catalog Number】




Color / 995 minutes(Main Program 933 minutes+Extras 62 minutes) / Linear PCM(Stereo・Part Monaural) / AVC / BD50G×8 discs / 4:3<1080p High Definition>・Some Extras 4:3<1080i High Definition>・Some Extras 16:9<1080p High Definition>・Some Extras 16:9<1080i High Definition>



  • Brand new comic (64P)

※Director・Shinji Takamatsu、Story・Hiroyuki Kawasaki、Manga・Kouichi Tokita, a story of Garrod and Tifa's new adventures, “NEXT PROLOGUE”!

  • Jacket Illustration Artbook(36P)
  • Special Booklet(66P)


【Video Extras】

  • Textless OP&ED(OP 5・ED 3・Final ED)
  • Gunpla CFs
  • Episode 1 promotional spot
  • Next episode previews
  • Broadcast promotional spots
  • DVD Memorial Boxset CM
  • DVD Memorial Box Booklet Archive
  • Blu-ray Memorial Boxset PV&CM
  • Videogame Movie Collection

【Audio Extras】

  • New audio commentaries
  • Audio commentary archives