April 06, 2018

"Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Ⅵ" premiering May 5 on Hulu!

Hulu unveiled their Spring 2018 anime simulcast lineup. "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Ⅵ Rise of the Red Comet", among the list, will launch on the service on May 5.


On January 23, U.C. 0079, a decisive battle between Zeon and the Earth Federation begins at Side 5, or Loum. Though the Zeon forces are overwhelmingly outnumbered, their secret plan suddenly turns the tide of battle as they deploy a special assault regiment made up of humanoid mobile suit weapons, winning them a huge victory. Char Aznable of the Zeon forces produces particularly impressive results in his red mobile suit “Zaku II”, earning a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and the nickname "Red Comet."

After the Battle of Loum, the Earth Federation Forces initiate Operation V to fight back against Zeon.