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May 22, 2018

The “Gundam THE ORIGIN” Website Has Updated! The Reveal of Several Model Sheets Including M’Quve and “White Base”!

“Falmer” and “Garma’s Gallop” have also been added!


The official website for Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet, which is currently a huge screening hit at 35 theaters nationwide, was updated today on May 22nd(Tues) with model sheets for M’Quve, “Falmer”, “White Base”, and much more.


You can take a look at the characters and mechas that have appeared thus far on the anime’s official website, so be sure to try accessing the website yourself.




The Reveal of an Additional Character!


Principality of Zeon


A member of the Principality of Zeon. He is ranked a vice-admiral. He was delegated with full authority by Ruler Degwin and proceeds towards Scott City, an international public observation city in Antarctica, due to cease-fire negotiations following the end of the Battle of Loum. However, he is secreted ordered by Kycilia that he must not make peace, but instead must continue the war. He is knowledgeable about the culture and civilization on Earth.




The Reveal of Additional Mecha!


Principality of Zeon

Musai-Class Light Cruiser Falmer


A private warship given to Char, given the special mission to monitor and track the V Project, a mobile suit development project by the Earth Federation Forces, by Dozle. The base of the Musai-class light cruiser had been improved in order to execute this special mission with a single warship. Its thrusters are reinforced in order to enhance its tracking abilities. Its scouting abilities have also been enhanced, resulting in an internally high performance radome and blade antenna placed on the first bridge while the shape of a portion of the second bridge was modified. It has state-of-the-art equipment for a Musai-class light cruiser and, according to Dozle, is a “Musai that exceeds that of a Musai”.



[Left] Large Ground Battleship Gallop

A land battleship developed by the Principality of Zeon. It was developed on the assumption that land warfare would occur in the future in colonies and during the Earth invasion operation. It is able to travel due to being a hovercraft and can transport up to three mobile suits in a single platoon in its storage space located at the front of the battleship. It can function as a base at the front lines and as mobile suit combat support. Its ducted fan that aids the rotation of the battleship has also been built in a small form for urban battles. Its armaments include twin machine guns for close-range attacks placed at the front of the ship and twin guns equipped at the back used for artillery fire from a long distance.


[Right] Garma’s Large Ground Battleship Gallop

The large land battleship Gallop used for urban battles under Garma Zabi’s command during the sweep-and-destroy mission of the remaining forces at Loum. The body of the battleship has been painted in Garma’s personal colors and has been inscribed with a personal marking that indicates its status as a large personal ship. As a commanding ship that leads the Airborne Division, it acts as its head and plays an active role in colony battles. Garma personally commanded over the battles from the battle bridge at the head of the ship.



[Left] HLV

A large transportation pod used in the Earth Drop Operations, a full-scale invasion of Earth by the Principality of Zeon, following the signing of the Antarctic Treaty. It is able to carry weapons, including mobile suits, and resources and is also able to penetrate through the Earth’s atmosphere. For the drop to Earth, the pod was cushioned by the bottom of a Musai-class light cruiser and transported close to the Earth’s atmosphere before it was detached and dropped from its body. After reentering the atmosphere, it uses its large engine and parachute to decelerate its speed until it arrives onto the Earth’s surface. Its mobile suits were sent out to attack immediately following its landing and was used to gain control of the battle at the site of the drop.


[Right] Dozle’s Space Limousine

A space carrier with wonderful specifications used for transportation in space between fellow warships and colonies. The main body is inscribed with a marking that indicates its use as Dozle’s private vehicle. It has been designed for use of the transportation of important individuals of the nation and has a structure that consists of a piloting space with higher livability when compared to standard space carriers and a dwelling space placed in separate levels of the vehicle. A sofa and other furniture is installed in the dwelling space and can be used for secret discussions. It is here that Dozle tells Char of his special mission to track the mobile suit development project of the Earth Federation Forces.




Earth Federation Forces

[Left] Pegasus-Class Assault Carrier White Base

An assault carrier developed on the premise of being the first full-scale mobile suit operation for the Earth Federation Forces. It has a mobile suit storage and maintenance area that also serves as a catapult on both sides of the carrier. It is also equipped with the Minovsky Craft system at the center of the craft and is designed to not only be able to travel in space, but also to travel long distance within the Earth’s atmosphere. It camouflages as a civilian transport ship in order to receive the RX-78-02 Gundam, a newly developed mobile suit of the Earth Federation Forces. It is headed to Side 7, where the development of Gundam has been conducted, from Earth.


[Middle] FF-3F Space Fighter Saberfish

A space fighter that becomes the main force developed by the Earth Federation Forces. It is designed to be able to support various missions due to the modification of its equipment and is able to fly at high altitudes in the Earth’s atmosphere. It has high propulsive powers and mobile abilities and holds the main duty of being the air and space defense for warships and military bases. Detachable and interchangeable container-type armaments have been installed at both the upper and lower ends of the rear engine block. It can also perform as a missile launcher carrier for anti-warship attacks. However, its position will be taken away by the appearance of mobile suits, humanoid mobile weapons that excel in maneuverability, motility, and possess all-purpose offensive abilities.


[Right] Scout-Type Saberfish Kamonohashi

A variation craft modified from the equipment from the Saberfish, the Earth Federation Forces space fighter. Modification in its equipment has been conducted for the purpose of reconnaissance and scouting for enemies in battle space sectors. The nose of the craft has been modified to be able to seat two people, a pilot and radar observer, as opposed to the space fighter-type which only had a single seat that seated the pilot. A radar dome and searching sensor has been added to the nose of the craft and rear of the cockpit while its shape is remarkably different from the space fighter-type. The rear container is also equipped with a sensor unit that reinforces its reconnaissance ability. Its autocannons have been removed from its head and it has no fighting ability whatsoever due to being a craft that specializes in reconnaissance.