October 16, 2018

"Mobile Suit Gundam NT" New Key Visual Released! Theme Song is "narrative" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:LiSA!

Preview video and new cast information, "Narrative Gundam B-Packs" also here!

A new key visual featuring the main three characters has been released for the November 30 (Fri.) release of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" roadshow showing in 90 theaters nationwide.


The theme song will be "narrative" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:LiSA, and a preview video featuring this song has been released. New cast information and "Narrative Gundam B-Packs" has also been announced, so let's introduce them all together.


Theme song by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:LiSA will be "narrative"!

The theme song of this work is by Hiroyuki Sawano, who has been involved with the music of numerous animated works such as "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", and the domestic and overseas "rock heroine" LiSA, who together created the tag of "SawanoHiroyuki[nZK]:LiSA". The song title is "narrative", and is a powerful amazing ballad.

New cast information and "Narrative Gundam B-Packs" is released!

Regarding the new cast announcement, the engineered and enhanced human developed as a Char clone, Yuichiro Umehara as Zoltan Akkanen, Makoto Furukawa as Brick Teclat who helps Michele at Luio & Co. Acting together with Jona is Kazuya Nakai as Lt. Commander Iago Haakana of the Shezarr Corps. Reprising her role from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" is Ayumi Fujimura as Mineva, and Tomoko Shiota will continue as Martha.

The "Narrative Gundam B-Packs" has also been made public, so please check it out as well.


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■Narrative Gundam B-Packs