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October 26, 2018

"Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ" will be available on GUNDAM.INFO from 12p.m.(JST) Nov. 1st!

“MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ΖΖ" will start streaming from PM12:00 (JST), Nov. 1st!

English, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan) and Korean subtitles are available!
Check and Enjoy!



It is the year 0088 of the Universal Century.

The badly damaged assault cruiser Argama docks at the run-down space colony of Shangri-La for much-needed repairs. While the Argama is in drydock, a young junk dealer named Judau Ashta sneaks aboard in an attempt to steal the Zeta Gundam.
He wants to sell it in order to help his sister, but instead he finds himself coerced into joining the Argama's crew. Unfortunately for Judau, the Argama is being pursued by a dedicated Neo Zeon officer named Mashymre Cello. In order to protect both his sister and himself, Judau must master the Argama's newest mobile suit, the ZZ Gundam.