Gai Murakumo is leader of Serpent Tail, a team of mercenaries who'll take on either the Earth Alliance or ZAFT... For the right price. The EA and the Plants may have declared a ceasefire, but there are still battles to be fought. Meaning, there are still paychecks for Serpent Tail to earn. Completing impossible missions with the greatest of ease, Serpent Tail's name quickly begins to strike fear into other mercenaries. But where many flee, one team goes on the attack. Their target: Serpent Tail leader Gai Murakumo!

Episode 12 "The Sword's Dancing For Who's Sake?"

Elsa and Gai are both ready in their Mobile Suits. Elsa's Mobile Suit is ASTRAY NOIR used by Dante, equipped with the equipments of DESTINY IMPULSE R, which was the only thing left by the already destroyed "Clan". Meanwhile, Gai has added additional equipments to BLUE FRAME D developed for the battle against Dante. His special weapon are the guns attached to both arms which are also Dragoon Platforms, and the swords equipped all over the body can be combined into a gigantic blade on both arms. The 2 ASTRAYS equipped with 2 solid swords are ready to clash with each other any time!

Episode 11 "Held by the Nocturne"

Elsa contacted Elijah in order to interfere the battle between Dante and Gai, not knowing that Dante was fully aware of her actions. It was all just a plan to prevent her from interfering the battle directly. Dante and Gai has finished the battle with Elsa out of the picture. A few months later, Gai was facing Elsa. Elsa called Gai out to show him something special, which is related to her hidden ability. Elsa and Gai, the 2 warriors that Dante made is about to fight each other.

Episode 10 "Confronting Destiny"

The time for the confrontation between Gai and Dante has come. Dante pilots the ASTRAY NOIR. His weapon: a sword pistol made of Japanese steel and a gun. His rival, Gai, has equipped his beloved BLUE FRAME with new features just for this battle. Calling it BLUE FRAME D, he has specialized it for battle and equipped it with numerous blades attached to its fuselage. But that can't be all that's in store with this craft! Dante can't hide his excitement before the looming showdown with Gai. It is the start of these two mercenaries' fateful showdown.

Episode 9 "Odd soldiers and mercenaries, the variant"

The Clan had been observing Dante, who they had asked to kill Gai Murakumo. The task of observing Dante had fallen on the Testament Gundam. The Testament Gundam was originally a ZAFT prototype, but it was being used by The Clan after a special feature was added to it. That special feature was the ability to deploy a computer virus in the nearby area and disable the ability to mechanically recognize the Testament Gundam. With an invisible observer keeping watch, the Gold Frame Amatsu and the ASTRAY NOIR sortie out from Ame-no-Mihashira. Just as the ASTRAY NOIR takes aim with its Sword Pistol, Dante impossibly becomes aware of his observer!

Episode 8 "A ronde dance for once, now"

Gai is undergoing development for a Blue Frame specifically against Dante using Ame-no-Mihashira as a base. During the process, Dante, Elsa, and Lily appeared. Dante informed that Astray Noir and its signature weapon, Sword Pistol, has already rolled-out and is ready to face Gai at anytime. On the other hand, Gai hasn't finished preparing yet, but Lily proposed to fight him anyway. To their surprise, Gai accepted Lily's challenge. While Lily is ready with Blitz painted in her personal color, Gai's Blue Frame was degraded to its normal form. Exactly what is Gai's real intension?!

Episode 7 "Death, as a compensation for Praise"

Elsa, Elijah, and Kazahana agreed to exchange information on an isolated island in Orb. A careless comment by Kazahana turned Elsa into a reaper. Meanwhile, Dante is in the middle of a hand-to-hand combat with the Samurai Unnoh. The two fiercely battled each other with katana-blades, as Dante felt the pleasure in fighting with a real Samurai in present days. After the event, Elsa discovered that the repairing parts for Gouf is in preparation as she returned to "the Family". The woman of "the Family" has predicted everything.

Episode 6 "Ame-no-Mihashira"

A rumor has been going through the underworld, "Ame-no-Mihashira is about to fall". It caused the guerrillas, pirates, and even the armies attacked the Empress's sky castle. Yet none has even come close to succeed, because the Serpent Tail's Gai Murakumo is in charge of the defense of Ame-no-Mihashira. The rumor and the truth differs, but why is there a rumor? Why is Gai defending Ame-no-Mihashira? All mysteries lead to a certain plan hidden.

Episode 5 "Bushi-do VS Outlaw"

Dante came to an abandoned colony, looking for the maker of Katana Blades for Mobile Suits. He fights the Katana equipped Red Frame, and shows how an outlaw fight while the opponent respects the bushi-do. On the other hand, Elsa is fighting Elijah on a desert island in Orb. With the personal Wizard returned to Elijah's ZAKU, both are able to perform full potentials. As Elsa is gaining the upper hand, a surprising ambush-man attacks.

Episode 4 "Black & Red (2nd)"

Dante and Gai both took actions in order to fight each other. Dante contacted the organization that attacked him, and made a deal with them. Meanwhile, Gai talked with Reed about "Blue customed specially for Dante". As both pushing their thoughts into actions, the people who followed both men, Elsa and Elijah, starts a battle beforehand. Elsa's GOUF Crusher approaches Elijah's Gunner ZAKU without his personal Wizard!!

Episode 3 "Black & Red (1st)"

Elijah, who came to South America, takes a test for his personal ZAKU after being maintained by the Junk Guild. He regrets losing his personal Wizard even though the Mobile Suit has no problem operating. Kazahana Aja told the discouraged Elijah how the lost is extraordinary. Meanwhile, Dante and his Astray Noir is fighting Gai's Blue Second L. Although Dante won by reading all of Gai's tactics, there is something he can't put his hands on...

Episode 2 "The killer not invited"

Dante started his Mobile Suit's testing as soon as he received Astray Noir. The opponent for his sham battle is his partner Elsa, in her GOUF Ignited. During the sham battle, something Dante didn't expect happened. Meanwhile, Gai, who received his Blue Frame Second L after maintenance, was attacked by an unknown organization. Things are starting to head toward the direction nobody can predict...

Episode 1 "The man who knows the past"

Gai came to Orb in order to maintain Blue Frame Second L. 2 mercenaries, Dante and Elsa, suddenly approached him. Dante is the man who assisted the development of battling Coordinators for the Union, and the man who knows Gai's past very well. While enjoying the reunion, Dante suddenly pulls out his Katana Blade and attacks Gai. In disadvantage, will Gai survive?