Junk Guild member Lowe Guele departed for Mars, leaving both the "Out Frame" mobile suit and his partner, the artificial intelligence "8", in the care of journalist Jess Rabble. But when he returns to Earth, he's greeted with a new era of chaos. A breakaway faction of Patrick Zala's ZAFT have staged a terrorist attack. As fragments of Junius Seven rain down on Earth, Lowe jumps back into the action! Meanwhile, the D.S.S.D. seeks to develop peaceful uses for mobile suit technology. Things have gotten interesting on Earth while Lowe was gone!

Episode 12 "Red VS Turn Red"

After a hard fight, Lowe and Double V finally defeated the big troop of DESTINY IMPULSE D which attacked them. As both men savored their triumph, Double V suddenly remembered, that it's a mistake to hold hands with the Natural! Double V challenged Lowe to another battle, and set the date a week later to assure the best 2 machines can fight fair and square. On the date of the duel, Lowe brought with him countless equipments with his RED DRAGON, while Double V appeared with the 3 Mobile Suits he made, Blau Calamity, Gelb Raider, and Lord Forbidden.

Episode 11 "The Red Crimson"

In order to retrieve [8], Lowe came to Double V's place. Although Lowe successfully got [8] back, he was attacked by the enemy, DESTINY IMPULSE R, along with endless counts of DI ADAGA! Lowe and Double V was forced to fight side-by-side against the troop. Double V has completed TURN RED, the new Mobile Suit with the battle AI [80] equipped, while Lowe pilots the strongest RED FRAME, RED DRAGON, equipped with 3 CALETVWLCH. The 2 RED ASTRAYs dash through the battle field.

Episode 10 "80"

Lowe loses "8". From the remaining evidence, the involvement of the man known as "Double V" in countless incidents becomes clear. At the same time, Double V gets his hands on new information on DESTINY IMPULSE R from a spy. He decides to steal the technology. He will lie in wait and make his attack where DESTINY IMPULSE R's testing takes place. In addition to the 3 craft he designed, the Blau Calamity, Gelb Raider, and Rot Forbidden he dispatches the AI-equipped Strike to gather data during the battle. But the battle takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 9 "The Impact of Destiny"

Lowe, from the Junk Guild, is working to retrieve recyclable material from a junk facility that drifts through space. He accurately and adeptly cuts material using the RED FRAME's Gerbera Straight. A mysterious unit suddenly appears in front of Lowe, but he recognizes it as a DESTINY IMPULSE series unit. It seems that he came across tests of a prototype unit. In order to avoid a battle, Lowe opens the RED FRAME's hatch and raises his hands to signal that he doesn't want to fight... New factors combine to lead the situation into an unexpected direction!

Episode 8 "The Actaeon Battle"

Double V, undergoing a battle simulation test, selected Strike Noir as the hypothetical opponent for Blau Calamity. Although Double V believed that Blau Calamity designed by himself would win easily, the result did not turn out to be what he expected. The unsatisfied designer additionally sent Gelb Raider into the battle. With the whole battle starting over again, and Gelb Raider intruding the battle between Blau Calamity and Strike Noir, who can predict what would happen in the end?!

Episode 7 "The Journalist saw it"

Jess Rabble, aka "Bystander Jess", the journalist who pilots the Mobile Suit, is meeting with Lowe. Lowe gave Jess a Gun-camera function loaded version of Caletvwlch as a gift, which lead to Jess making up mind to cover the Caletvwlch used in battle. Jess started covering the story after he learned the information about the mercenary living in a village located in the Eurasian Federation. What he didn't know is the appearance of an unknown Mobile Suit...

Episode 6 "Red Dragon"

Lowe is summoned by Rondo Mina Sahaku, who lives in Ame-no-Mihashira. Mina's demand is to "know more about Caletvwlch". Lowe agreed, and quickly switched Red Frame into "Red Dragon" in order to bring out the best potential. The test was taken in form of a sham battle between Red Dragon and Gold Frame Amatsu Mina. In the "real" battle that involves both live ammunition and beam, the secret capacity of Red Dragon comes clear.

Episode 5 "The Red Festival"

"The Red Festival" is to be held. It's meant to be a contest for all Red Frame type Mobile Suits. Lowe, being invited, attended the festival with his improved Powered Red. On the spot, there's red, red, red, red Mobile Suits everywhere. Caletvwlch also won a great popularity. Meanwhile, the ultimate Astray, Violence Geist appeared. Violence Geist is built with parts of Red, Blue Second L, and Gold Amatsu. Lowe, excepting the challenge, is going to...

Episode 4 "A quarrel no one should interfere"

Lowe has always refer to himself as "The luckiest guy in the universe", yet a rival is here to deny that. The leader of a BuCUE team named "The Wild Dogs of the Wilderness", Lucky Lucky, has Lady Luck smiling all over him. Lowe, feeling a sense of rivalry, tries to contact Lucky, but was attacked by the BuCUE team soon after encounter. During the fight, Lowe was surprised when seeing Lucky's BuCUE, due to it using the parts that has affinity with Lowe.

Episode 3 "Treasure Hunt"

Lowe dives under sea, in order to seek "the Treasure of the Pirate Emperor". His Mobile Suit Red Frame is fully ready, equipped with the "Salvage Unit" improved by the junk parts of underwater Mobile Suit, GOOhN. Yet Lowe was attacked by his rival Mobile Suit right after he entered a tunnel hidden undersea. Despite standing in front of an invisible enemy in the darkness, Lowe remains calm, because Red Frame still has some new equipment in its sleeve.

Episode 2 "To D.S.S.D."

Lowe, gaining interest in D.S.S.D., which is responsible for space development, decides to pay it a visit. He is also aiming to sell the improved Civilian Astray he made. During the presentation, a team of Ginn High Maneuver Type 2 showed up. Lowe fights back with the improved Civilian, but is slowly pushed into a difficult situation. In the D.S.S.D. station, the man who laughs at Lowe, Double V, is there!

Episode 1 "Junk Guild Meeting"

A general meeting for all Junk Guilds to gather up together once in a year is held. Here, the union decides the product they're going to sell. Lowe presents proudly in front of the Junk Guilds Caletvwlch which he designed. Suddenly, N Dagger Ns appeared at the place and caused panic. Lowe takes action in saving his friends with Red Frame equipping Caletvwlch!