May 09, 2018

“HGAC Leo” & “HGBC DIVER ACE UNIT” Ships Today!

Leo has released as a HG for the first time! Custom parts have also been released!

HGAC 1/144 Leo

Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)


The mass-produced MS Leo, named after the constellation Leo, has been made into a HG model for the first time as the 4thinstallment of the “GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT”.
With “Fine Build” as its EVOLUTION POINT, its mobile range and shortened joint assembly time has been implemented thanks to new joint structuring that makes its specifications easier on paint users. Easy assembly is supported with runner configurations grouped into each of its parts while the handling instructions use easy-to-follow icons. Of course, its design has been applied with the latest format and has been recreated in minute detail.
Its main head camera utilizes clear parts without the use of stickers and it’s possible to color code its parts into six colors with just the molds. It comes with a drum gun, beam sabers, and a shield.


Price: 756 yen (tax included)


The introduction of a custom part developed in “Gundam 00 Diver”.
Along with a backpack, it comes with its main armament GN Diver Sword and more. It can be equipped to various Gunpla that have been released until now including those in the HGBD series. High mobility close combat Gunpla can be customized with the backpack and gigantic sword.