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February 23, 2019

BANDAI SPIRITS × SUNRISE Presents the New "SD Gundam" Series for Overseas Expansion!

The Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project "SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN" comics starts April 2019, and the anime will start from July 2019 overseas!

Starting with Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, USA and Italy, it will be expanded to over 14 countries and regions overseas.


By releasing both the comics and anime as a mixed media work, the world view of "SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN" will be presented more attractively to everyone worldwide. At BANDAI SPIRITS, starting with the gunpla for SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN, various different products, services, and events are under development.

●Anime Development

A completely new original animation produced by SUNRISE. The swashbuckling saga of men who have hidden their beliefs in their hearts is now unveiled.




Story Structure:TOKO MACHIDA

Planning & Production:SUNRISE


It will be released starting from July 2019 on the official site GUNDAM.INFO.


●Comics Development

Based on the respective viewpoints and forces of Cao Cao and Sun Jian, the comics depict the story from a different perspective than the animation.


Two comics will be released starting from April 2019 - SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN SOSHOKI, featuring Cao Cao, and SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN ENKOTAN, featuring Sun Jian.



・Enkotan Original Work: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino, Manga: Tsushima Naoto

・Soshoki Original Work: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino, Manga: Luk Mo Shek, Composition: Takuya Yamanaka

They will be released starting from April 2019 on the official site GUNDAM.INFO.

※ With regards to SOSHOKI, only for Hong Kong, it will be published on the 10th of every month in monthly magazine LUCKY starting from April 2019, but both comics will be available on this official website.


●Product Development

BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division will power up their SD Gundam plastic model series from late March 2019.

<Product Points>

Point①:Proportion and Design

Compared to past series with its evolution in proportions and parts division, just by assembling it you will achieve the best color reproduction in SD Gundam history. With its structure that uses many clear parts, and limited use of decals, you can build the cool commanders.


■Point②:Action Ability

The commanders can be dynamically posed thanks to the joint structure incorporated in various places.


■Point③:Weapons Combination

By combining the weapons, you can recreate the special moves from the series.



●Official Site Renewal Open

Please check the official SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN website for the latest information regarding the anime, comics, and product line-up.


At the official site there is a campaign currently underway to celebrate the renewal opening! We await lots of entries from everyone!