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February 25, 2019

"Monthly Hobby Japan April 2019 Issue" Released Today!

Models, stop 2019, don't let them move, and how to enjoy character kits!

Monthly Hobby Japan April 2019 Issue

February 25, 2019(Mon)Release

Price:¥900(tax exc)



<Special Feature> Models, Stop 2019, Don't Let Them Move, and How to Enjoy Character Kits!

In this special feature, we look at today's plastic model kits with movable gimmicks that have high potential, with a cool fixed pose anyone can choose to create, from recreations of famous scenes from anime, with movable joints and large weapons hard to wield intertwined in vignettes, we suggest ways to enjoy these "fixed models".


<Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary Item> Frame Music・Girl Hatsune Miku HJ50th Anniversary Special Ver. (Tentative) Information


Thanks to you, the big hit "Frame Music・Girl Hatsune Miku" now appears as a Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary Special Commemorative Version!


Sales begin June 2, 2019 (Sun) at the "Hobby Japan Half Century Festival". For more information please see the next Monthly Hobby Japan issue! Look forward to it!!


<Hobby Japan Magazine Order> Endro~! Yusha (Yulia Chardiet)

From the currently airing TV anime "Endro~!" a figure series has begun!

First up is our brave heroine who is naturally lucky and nice, Yulia "Yusha" Chardiet!


<Hobby Japan Magazine Order>Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Yusei Fudo

From "Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's", the Synchro summoner hero who made City and Satellite one, Yusei Fudo appears as a figure!

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