Banagher’s great-grandfather Syam Vist has been waiting for him and Mineva at Magallanica. In the first year of the Universal Century, Syam carried out the terrorist bombing of the Earth Federation prime minister’s official residence, and he has used the Charter of the Universal Century that he obtained at that point, now known as “Laplace’s Box,” to do business with the Federation. However, troubled by the stagnant state of the Federation, he worked with his grandson Cardeas in an attempt to find someone who could be entrusted with the world’s future.
They used the Unicorn Gundam, which had the ability to discover true Newtypes, as the key to the Box. Having passed this test, along with Mineva, Banagher will now receive the Box from Syam and intends to use it for everyone’s benefit. But then Full Frontal appears in the cold sleep room, claiming that he is the Box’s legitimate inheritor. Banagher and Frontal begin a final battle over the Box.